Transportation Systems

Big Data Analytics for Connected, Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities

There is growing interest in the concept of a smart city and how these advanced technologies will improve the quality of living and make a city more attractive to visitors, commerce and industry. This course fills an unmet need for defining and explaining the relationship between connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and smart city transportation. It is apparent that CAVs will achieve the best results when integrated with current and emerging urban infrastructure for transportation. This cour…

Overview of the Role of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Smart Cities

There is been tremendous progress in the application of technology and artificial intelligence to connected and autonomous vehicles. At the same time, there have been considerable advances in data science and data analysis that allows large data sets to be managed for results. This course introduces big data and analytics, focusing on how these will be applied to data generated by autonomous and connected vehicles. These technologies will be explained within the context of a smart city. While sm…

Autonomous Vehicles for Transportation Professionals

Looking for a solution that will provide a deeper understanding of the autonomous vehicle (AV) space for your employees? Hoping to offer training as a value add for employee retention? Need a flexible option online that can be taken anywhere, anytime? SAE’s Autonomous Vehicles for Transportation Professionals is the answer. The instructor, Dr. Rahul Razdan, is a leading authority in the field with extensive background in computing from his work at Carnegie-Mellon and Harvard Universities. He has…