Testing Models the Right Way – From Requirements to Model Testing



This training class provides a comprehensive overview of the principles, processes, and objectives of model testing – from requirements to model tests. We offer step-by-step guidance from creating requirements-based test specifications, through testing TargetLink and/or Embedded Coder models, to automated test evaluation based on test assessments and back-to-back/regression tests. In particular, we will emphasize ISO 26262-compliant test management and explain the test process for MiL and SiL, as well as tracing requirements to test specifications and test assessments. You will learn all process steps through hands-on practical exercises using Simulink and TargetLink or Embedded Coder models. During the training, we will use the MES Test Manager (MTest) as a model test framework in practical exercises. However, this training is suitable for anybody who wants to learn how to test models the right way – no matter which tool you want to use.

Learning Objectives
  • Test objectives and workflow
  • Test management
  • Test specification
  • Testing TargetLink/Embedded Coder models
  • Regression and back-to-back testing
  • Automated test evaluation with test assessments
  • Model and code coverage
Who Should Attend

This training class is aimed at developers, testers, test managers, and quality managers who focus on model-based development of embedded software based on MATLAB/Simulink and related to TargetLink/Embedded Coder.

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