The Role of Just Culture in an Effective Safety Management System



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Historically, organizations tend to be punitive and focused on who to blame when an unwanted event occurs. Investigations can begin with the intent to blame and discipline which leads to adversarial relationships between management and employees. Organizations also tend to be very outcome biased – the more the incident cost, either in time or money, the more likely punishment of employees will occur. 

However, the way that companies treat their employees is evolving, and with a just culture, leadership makes a commitment to their employees to treat them with consistent fairness.

  • Just culture changes the focus of investigations from the errors of specific individuals to organizational system errors
  • This short course introduces the learner to Just Culture, a key element of an effective safety management system
  • Just Culture focuses on correcting processes and creating better, repeatable processes
  • Just Culture places learning above punishing people, creating trust and transparency on the part of both management and employees
  • Just Culture eliminates the “investigate and discipline” mindset
  • Just Culture adds impartial oversight to the investigation process
  • Just Culture is designed to determine the real root cause for events using data and proactively considering the human in the system element
Learning Objectives
  • Describe and discuss the concept of Just Culture as it applies to an effective safety management system
  • Identify the importance of a just culture as a proactive organizational hazard identification tool
  • Conduct hazard analysis using 5-Whys and Just Culture matrices to determine root cause
  • Create an atmosphere of trust within your organization, where people are encouraged to provide essential safety related information
  • Clarify how biases impact the organization's ability to conduct effective root cause determination
Who Should Attend

Taught by an expert in safety management systems for commercial aviation, and aligned to new FAA rulemaking, this course is designed for both quality and safety professionals in the design manufacturing and maintenance sectors who seek to understand how Just Culture applies to safety management systems.

Both new and experienced safety professionals who lead, develop, implement, and/or review the effectiveness of safety systems and are responsible for their organization’s compliance to safety regulating organizations should be trained in these powerful tools.

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