SAE EDGE™ Research Reports

SAE EDGE™ Research Reports provide examinations of the most significant topics facing the mobility industry today with a dedicated focus on pre-consensus or unsettled technologies.

Product Code Report Title Published
EPR2021029 Unsettled Topics in Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Agricultural Vehicles 2021-12-15
EPR2021027 Unsettled Issues in Commercial Vehicle Platooning 2021-11-15
EPR2021025 Unsettled Issues Concerning Urban Air Mobility Infrastructure 2021-11-15
EPR2021026 Unsettled Aspects of the Digital Thread in Additive Manufacturing 2021-11-15
EPR2021024 Unsettled Issues Regarding First- and Last-mile Transport 2021-10-15
EPR2021023 Unsettled Aspects of Insourcing and Outsourcing Additive Manufacturing 2021-10-15
EPR2021022 Unsettled Economic, Environmental, and Health Issues of Ammonia for Automotive Applications 2021-10-15
EPR2021021 Unsettled Issues Regarding Power Options for Decarbonized Commercial Vehicles 2021-09-14
EPR2021019 Unsettled Legal Issues Facing Data in Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared Vehicles 2021-09-13
EPR2021020 Unsettled Topics Concerning Airport Cybersecurity Standards and Regulation 2021-09-13
EPR2021017 Unsettled Issues Concerning eVTOL for Rapid-response, On-demand Firefighting 2021-08-26
EPR2021018 Unsettled Technology Areas in Deterministic Assembly Approaches for Industry 4.0 2021-08-20
EPR2021015 Unsettled Issues in Additive Manufacturing and Improved Sustainability in the Mobility Industry 2021-07-30
EPR2021016 Unsettled Issues Regarding Visual Communication Between Automated Vehicles and Other Road Users 2021-07-19
EPR2021014 Unsettled Issues in Advanced Air Mobility Certification 2021-06-18
EPR2021013 Unsettled Issues on HD Mapping Technology for Autonomous Driving and ADAS 2021-06-15
EPR2021012 Unsettled Technology Areas in Electric Propulsion Systems 2021-05-24
EPR2021011 Unsettled Topics Concerning Flying Cars for Urban Air Mobility 2021-05-24
EPR2021010 Unsettled Issues in Vehicle Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, and Human-Machine Interaction 2021-04-30
EPR2021009 Unsettled Issues Regarding Autonomous Vehicles and Open-source Software 2021-04-21
EPR2021007 Unsettled Issues Regarding the Certification of Electric Aircraft 2021-03-26
EPR2021008 Unsettled Issues on Sensor Calibration for Automotive Aftermarket Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems 2021-03-18
EPR2021006 Unsettled Topics on the Benefit of Additive Manufacturing for Production at the Point of Use in the Mobility Industry 2021-02-15
EPR2021005 Unsettled Issues on the Viability and Cost-Effectiveness of Automation in Aerospace Manufacturing 2021-02-15
EPR2021003 Unsettled Issues Concerning the Use of Green Ammonia Fuel in Ground Vehicles 2021-02-15
EPR2021002 Unsettled Topics Concerning Coating Detection by LiDAR in Autonomous Vehicles 2021-01-18
EPR2021004 Unsettled Issues in Electrical Demand for Automotive Electrification Pathways 2021-01-18
EPR2021001 Unsettled Topics on Surface Finishing of Metallic Powder Bed Fusion Parts in the Mobility Industry 2021-01-18
EPR2020025 Unsettled Topics Concerning Human and Autonomous Vehicle Interaction 2020-12-18
EPR2020026 Unsettled Topics Concerning the Impact of Quantum Technologies on Automotive Cybersecurity 2020-12-10
EPR2020023 Unsettled Issues Regarding Communication of Automated Vehicles with Other Road Users 2020-11-30
EPR2020024 Unsettled Issues on Human-Robot Collaboration and Automation in Aerospace Manufacturing 2020-11-30
EPR2020022 Unsettled Issues Concerning the Opportunities and Challenges of eVTOL Applications during a Global Pandemic 2020-10-30
EPR2020021 Unsettled Topics Concerning Adopting Blockchain Technology in Aerospace 2020-10-30
EPR2020020 Unsettled Topics Concerning Autonomous Public Transportation Systems 2020-10-30
EPR2020019 Unsettled Technology Domains for Rapid and Automated Verification of Industry 4.0 Machine Tools 2020-09-29
EPR2020018 Unsettled Technology Domains in Industrial Smart Assembly Tools Supporting Industry 4.0 2020-09-29
EPR2020017 Unsettled Topics on Nondestructive Testing of Additively Manufactured Parts in the Mobility Industry 2020-09-29
EPR2020016 Unsettled Issues Regarding Policy Aspects of Automated Driving Systems 2020-08-31
EPR2020013 Unsettled Topics Concerning Airworthiness Cybersecurity Regulation 2020-08-31
EPR2020015 Unsettled Issues Facing Automated Vehicles and Insurance 2020-08-05
EPR2020014 Unsettled Technology Domains for Pathways to Automotive Decarbonization 2020-07-22
EPR2020011 Unsettled Topics on the Use of IVHM in the Active Control Loop 2020-07-01
EPR2020012 Unsettled Topics Concerning User Experience and Acceptance of Automated Vehicles 2020-06-29
EPR2020007 Unsettled Topics in Automated Vehicle Data Sharing for Verification and Validation Purposes 2020-06-03
EPR2020002 Unsettled Issues Concerning the Economics of Fuel Cells and Electric Ground Vehicles 2020-06-03
EPR2020010 Unsettled Topics in the Application of Satellite Navigation to Air Traffic Management 2020-05-27
EPR2020006 Unsettled Issues Concerning Integrated Vehicle Health Management Systems and Maintenance Credits 2020-05-27
EPR2020009 Unsettled Topics on the Feasibility and Desirability of Using Additive Manufacturing in the Mobility Industry 2020-04-27
EPR2020008 Unsettled Topics in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Icing 2020-04-27
EPR2020004 Unsettled Topics Concerning Automated Driving Systems and the Development Ecosystem 2020-03-17
EPR2020003 Unsettled Technology Opportunities for Vehicle Health Management and the Role for Health-Ready Components 2020-03-17
EPR2020005 Unsettled Legal Issues Facing Automated Vehicles 2020-02-28
EPR2020001 Unsettled Issues Concerning Semi-Automated Vehicles: Safety and Human Interactions on the Road to Full Autonomy 2020-02-28
EPR2019012 Unsettled Domains Concerning Autonomous System Validation and Verification Processes 2019-12-30
EPR2019006 Unsettled Domains Concerning Electric Propulsion Technology for Commercial Aircraft 2019-12-30
EPR2019008 Unsettled Technology Domains in Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Concerning Safety, Airworthiness, and Certification 2019-12-23
EPR2019010 Unsettled Technology Domains in Robotics for Automation in Aerospace Manufacturing 2019-12-20
EPR2019004 Unsettled Impacts of Integrating Automated Electric Vehicles into a Mobility-as-a-Service Ecosystem and Effects on Traditional Transportation and Ownership 2019-12-20
EPR2019011 Unsettled Issues in Balancing Virtual, Closed-Course, and Public-Road Testing of Automated Driving Systems 2019-12-19
EPR2019009 Unsettled Topics Concerning the Field Testing of Automated Driving Systems 2019-12-19
EPR2019007 Unsettled Issues in Determining Appropriate Modeling Fidelity for Automated Driving Systems Simulation 2019-12-06
EPR2019005 Unsettled Topics Concerning Automated Driving Systems and the Transportation Ecosystem 2019-11-05
EPR2019002 Unsettled Issues Concerning the Use of Fuel Cells in Electric Ground Vehicles 2019-10-29
EPR2019003 Unsettled Technology Domains in Industrial Metrology 2019-09-27
EPR2019001 Unsettled Technology Areas in Autonomous Vehicle Test and Validation 2019-06-12
EPR2018001 Unsettled Topics Concerning Sensors for Automated Road Vehicles 2018-10-18