Advanced Air Mobility and eVTOL: Vol. 1



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Recent advancements in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft have generated significant interest within and beyond the traditional aviation industry. Many novel applications have been identified and are under development. One promising application is for last-mile (and middle-mile) military transport and logistics, which can complement current mission capabilities and enhance operational readiness. With the dynamic and varying global challenges facing military operations, eVTOL aircraft can offer timely, on-demand, and potentially cost-effective aerial mobility components to the overall solution. Rapid response to operational needs could translate into enhanced mission capabilities, preservation of lives, and increased effectiveness through timely transport of personnel and cargo. Current eVTOL aircraft may not have the payload capacity for aerial transportation of heavy equipment or a large volume of supplies, but—for targeted missions—they can be valuable in select military applications.
However, some challenges need to be addressed before identified capabilities and benefits can be realized at scale. These include mission-specific eVTOL vehicle development, detect-and-avoid capabilities in complex and challenging operating environments, autonomous and artificial intelligence-enhanced mission capabilities, charging system compatibility and availability for battery-electric vehicles, simplified operator and support training, vehicle/fleet logistics and support, as well as secured supply-chain management. Acceptance from stakeholder services, military leadership, field commanders, and operating and support team members is also critical for the successful implementation of these new competencies. This chapter aims to identify the benefits and challenges of integrating eVTOL aircraft into military operations.
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Doo, J., and McQueen, B., "Advanced Air Mobility and eVTOL: Vol. 1," SAE Technical Paper EPRCOMPV312023, 2024,
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