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SAE launches Office of Automation

SAE Truck & Off-Highway Engineering: June 2019

Jennifer Shuttleworth
  • Magazine Article
  • 19TOFHP06_11
Published 2019-06-01 by SAE International in United States

Office of Automation director Edward Straub describes the unit as “a first effort to deal with the broad and cross-disciplinary nature of automated vehicles.”

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An OBE for the SAE

SAE Truck & Off-Highway Engineering: April 2019

Patrick Ponticel
  • Magazine Article
  • 19TOFHP04_02
Published 2019-04-01 by SAE International in United States

Meet Paul Mascarenas-SAE International's 2019 president. He's a staunch advocate for professional development for engineers, amid the mobility industry's transformation.

Perhaps it's not surprising that someone who joined a professional engineering society at age 16 would eventually lead one. And so, Paul Mascarenas seems an ideal fit as SAE International's 2019 president.

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Automotive Engineering: March 2019

  • Magazine Issue
  • 19AUTP03
Published 2019-03-01 by SAE International in United States
Rethinking the HUD Advanced tech solutions move toward augmented reality to bring greater capability to head-up displays.Motor matters New designs and materials are key to the next generation of electric machines for EV propulsion.Harnessing the power of Sim Serious cost savings could come from eliminating vehicle- and systems-level tests. Powerful simulation tools may be the only way to tackle the increasing complexity in mobility development.An OBE for the SAE Meet Paul Mascarenas-SAE International's 2019 president. He's a staunch advocate for professional development for engineers amid the mobility industry's transformation.Solving the propulsion puzzle Must-attend expert panels at SAE's WCX '19 will cover the propulsion-tech future like no other.Editorial Kill the EV tax credit by 2025SAE Standards News SAE and Synopsys collaborate on cyber studySupplier Eye New Co. vs. Old Co.What We're DrivingSupra's revival is Toyota's spin on German engineering2020 Explorer is the first product to emerge-more quietly-from Ford's newest NVH labNissan concept sport sedan is all-electric, driver-optionalMEET a new propulsion proposition for MahleContinental's new CTO to lead retooled R&D pillarNew V8, big towing, trick features and…

SAE WCX: Bringing You the Future of Mobility

  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-33916
Published 2019-03-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

WCX™ World Congress Experience 2019 — presented by SAE International — is for forward-thinking engineers, executives, OEMs, suppliers, decision-makers, disruptors, and the entire spectrum of the mobility engineering field. Held April 9-11 in Detroit, WCX will offer technical education, peer-to-peer networking, a technology-driven exhibit floor, and global mobility solutions. The event covers every corner of the mobility industry from IoT, Big Data, and connectivity, to unmanned vehicles, sustainability, and cybersecurity. More than 10,000 technical experts and business leaders attend WCX for a look into the latest trends and innovations.


SAE AV Activities

Autonomous Vehicle Engineering: March 2019

  • Magazine Article
  • 19AVEP03_03
Published 2019-03-01 by SAE International in United States

New in 2019, Autonomous Vehicle Engineering will feature a listing of SAE International's autonomous vehicle-related offerings across the organization to help keep readers up to date on ongoing activities, training/professional development, meetings, publications and standards development. The offerings included here are just some of the events and products available. Visit for more details and activities (links included below) or call SAE International at 1-877-606-7323 (U.S. and Canada only) or 1-724-776-4970 (Outside U.S. and Canada).

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ATP360 An Air Carrier First Officer Training Program

G-10G Realistic Training Committee
  • Aerospace Standard
  • AIR6319
  • Current
Published 2018-05-24 by SAE International in United States
ATP360 air carrier training applies to pilots holding a commercial certificate with instrument and multi-engine ratings. This document describes how the ATP360 program achieves its objectives: to educate and train qualified pilots for First Officer and eventually Captain positions with the regional and/or the major airlines. This document also provides an overview of a selection process, an academic curriculum, a flight training program, faculty preparation, and program evaluation. The focus of ATP360 is to develop industry-recognized competencies and instill the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to bring persons up to professional air carrier standards.
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SPIE Photonics WEST 2018 Preview

  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-28126
Published 2018-01-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

The SPIE Photonics West 2018 technical conference and exhibition returns to The Moscone Center in San Francisco, January 27 through February 1, offering attendees the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in lasers, photonics, optics, optoelectronics, biophotonics, biomedical optics, 3D printing and more. As in the past, the event will once again kick off with BiOS, the world's largest biomedical optics conference, before transitioning into the Photonics West conference and exhibition. Last year's event hosted more than 20,000 attendees and put the products and services of over 1,300 exhibitors on display. More than 4,800 technical papers and presentations will be available to conference participants throughout the week. (weblink )


Wearable Sensors Created from Biocompatible Hydrogel

  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-26705
Published 2017-04-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

Engineers and biologists at MIT have teamed up to design a new “living material” — a tough, stretchy, biocompatible sheet of hydrogel injected with live cells that are genetically programmed to light up in the presence of certain chemicals. In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers demonstrate the new material's potential for sensing chemicals, both in the environment and in the human body.


Living Polymerization Enables Adaptable 3D Printing

  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-26715
Published 2017-04-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

Three-dimensional printing technology makes it possible to rapidly manufacture objects by depositing layer upon layer of polymers in a precisely determined pattern. Once these objects are completed, the polymers that form the material are “dead” — that is, they cannot be extended to form new polymer chains.



  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-26520
Published 2017-03-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

More than 11,000 engineering industry professionals from 55 countries will experience the new WCX — the evolution of SAE World Congress () — to be held April 4-6 in Detroit, MI. Attendees will gain new perspectives in an engaging atmosphere that encourages discovery, and scout products and source solutions in specialized pavilions that showcase the power and potential of the evolving mobility industry.