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Takashima, Yusuke
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Development of Horizontal Water Cooled Diesel Engine to Achieve High Power Density

KUBOTA Corporation-Yoshinobu Komai, Yusuke Takashima, Tsukasa Fujiwara, Hisao Okamoto, Minoru Kawahara
Published 2018-10-30 by SAE International in United States
The horizontal water cooled diesel engine has a structure including all component parts such as a fuel tank that are necessary to drive engine, and is often a single cylinder engine. It is mounted on many applications such as power tiller and water pump because of high general versatility of installing owing to belt drive. It has a simple structure because of single cylinder, and is active mainly in Southeast Asia. At the same time, the market requires this type of engine higher power while a compact structure is also required from the viewpoint of easy to supply and use. In other words, “High power density” that is improving the output per body size has been required. We have responded to the demand of “High power density” by increasing output without changing the engine size. In order to keep the engine size, we have been enlarging displacement by using our peculiar stroke-up expertise and original bore-up contrivance. In addition to those techniques, we introduced analytic technology for early approach to optimal solution. While we had…
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Study on Simple and High-Speed Diesel Combustion Model for Driving Mode Simulator

Hokkaido Univ.-Yusuke Takashima, Kazushige Kikuta, Yutaka Tabe, Takemi Chikahisa
  • Technical Paper
  • 2008-08-0431
Published 2008-10-22 by Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan in Japan
To design diesel engines adapted to future exhaust gas regulations, it is important to develop a driving mode simulator to simulate vehicle performance and exhaust emissions, including aftertreatment systems. A driving mode simulator with simple and high-speed calculation characteristics was developed with a diesel combustion model based on the Hiroyasu model. In this investigation, to expand the model for premixed compression ignition engines, the Schreiber's reduced kinetic model for ignition and combustion with the characteristic mixing time model was introduced. As a result it was possible to simulate the low-temperature oxidation and main combustion for several engine operating conditions.