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Heisler, Heinz
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Advanced Vehicle Technology, Second Edition

Heinz Heisler
  • Book
  • R-337
Published 2002-06-30 by Elsevier in United Kingdom
This second edition presents up-to-date, in-depth coverage of the design, construction and maintenance of all the essential components of the automobile. Approximately 100 new diagrams are included and material on 16 key subjects has been updated for this edition, including: Antilock Braking Vehicle Aerodynamics Tire Tread Design Advances Electronically Controlled Anti-vibration Engine Mountings Transport Refrigeration

Vehicle and Engine Technology, Second Edition

Heinz Heisler
  • Book
  • R-233
Published 1999-11-15 by Elsevier in United Kingdom
A comprehensive description of the body of four-wheeled vehicles, engine components, and how these elements work together, this book provides precise and clear descriptions and explanations of the fundamentals of all essential components of the motor vehicle.

Advanced Engine Technology

Heinz Heisler
  • Book
  • R-163
Published 1995-10-01 by SAE International in United States
This book covers virtually all configurations of commercially-produced engines, and features the latest engine technology including up-to-date coverage of electronic engine management and exhaust emission control.