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Virtual Road Torque Data Collection

Tata Motors Ltd.-Dattatreyudu Mullapudi, Popat Rajput, Mithun Chaskar, Santosh Gosavi
Published 2019-01-09 by SAE International in United States
The traditional method of collecting the Road Torque Data of a vehicle is by instrumenting and running the vehicle on different road terrains. Every time, physical testing becomes tedious & most challenging task due to unavailability of unit under tests, kind of resource required and so on. However, in view of response to the fast emerging technology & limit less competition, it has become mandatory to develop & launch products in market within no time. In recent times, there is increased demand for physical road torque data measurements for a vehicle program based on its application and different powertrain configurations, which clearly shows that unless we front load the data to design it is practically impossible to meet the deadlines. Each of these measurements cost and consumes valuable resources of the company in collecting and analyzing the data. These challenges triggered us to develop a methodology, which will give us quick estimate of the required parameters from road torque data measurements in the absence of physical prototype. The developed methodology will reduce the time required…
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Energy Based Analytical Study of Effect of Engine Calibration, Clutch Modulation on the Life of Dry Clutch in View of City Traffic Using Road Load Data

Tata Motors, Ltd.-Sujit Mohire, Shrirang Katarki, Mithun Chaskar, Rahul Uttamani, Vishveshvar Tendulkar
Published 2019-01-09 by SAE International in United States
Single plate dry clutch is one of the most abuse components in the vehicle. With the growing population of traffic in cities, useful life of clutch is affected drastically which is evident from the rise in complaints on clutch from metropolitan cities. The governing design parameter, which affects the life of clutch, is the energy dissipated in clutch per unit area of friction lining of clutch disc. The life of clutch is affected by many factors like vehicle weight, engine torque, driveline ratios, friction lining, size of clutch, which are taken into consideration during design stage of the clutch. Apart from these factors, one more factor, engine calibration, affects the clutch life drastically. However, it is not taken into consideration during design stage owing to its inherent nature as it gets matured over the vehicle development program. Engine calibration, especially driven idle speed calibration of engine in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear for a particular vehicle, governs the vehicle behavior and drivers maneuvering of clutch, brake and accelerator in city traffic. This paper presents study…
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Development of Accelerated Life Test Schedule for Rig Testing of Live Axles Based on Road Load Data and Its Correlation with Field

Tata Motors Ltd.-Sujit Mohire, Pravin Kathale, Mithun Chaskar, Vishveshvar Tendulkar
Published 2018-04-03 by SAE International in United States
Drive components of live axle undergoes different loading conditions during field usage depending upon terrain conditions, vehicle loading and traffic conditions etc. During vehicle running, drive components of axle experiences variable torque levels, which results in the fatigue damage of the components. Testing of these drive components of axle on test rig for endurance life is an imperative part of axle development, owing to limitations of vehicle testing because of time and cost involved. Similarly, correlating field failures with rig testing is equally critical. In such situation, if a test cycle is derived correlating the field usage, rig testing can be effectively used for accelerated life testing and reliability prediction of these components. An approach is presented in the paper wherein test cycle is derived based on the data collected on vehicle in the field under service road and loading conditions. The data is collected in terms of propeller shaft torque or wheel torque, engine and transmission output speeds, transmission and axle oil temperatures etc. Above data is collected for few hundred kilometers in required…
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