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Anil Shah, Ashesh
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Physical and Virtual Simulation of Lightweight Brake Drum Design for Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles Using Alternate Material Technologies

VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.-Suresh Kumar Kandreegula, Himanshu Deshmukh, Shivdayal Prasad, Sonu Paroche, Ashesh Anil Shah
Published 2018-10-05 by SAE International in United States
Brake drum in commercial vehicles is very important aggregate contributing towards major weight in brake system module. The main function of brake drum is to dissipate kinetic energy of vehicle into thermal energy, as a results in braking operation major load comes on brake drum. Hence this is very critical component for vehicle safety and stability [1].Objective of this paper is to increase the pay load, which is utmost important parameter for commercial vehicle end customers. To achieve the light weighing target, alternate materials such as Spheroidal graphite iron (SGI) has been evaluated for development of brake drum. Many critical parameters in terms of reliability, safety and durability, thickness of hub, wheel loading, heat generation on drum, manufacturing and assembly process are taken into consideration. The sensitivity of these parameters is studied for optimum design, could be chosen complying each other’s values.Digital thermal performance evaluated in house, fine-tuned and verified by correlating with test data available for existing cast iron design and then applied for new design with alternate materials. In two different designs around…
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Conversion of Drum Brake System to Disc Brake with CAE and CFD: Resulted in Optimized Brake Rotor Design and Improved Performance

VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd-Ashesh Anil Shah, Ashok Patidar
Published 2017-01-10 by SAE International in United States
Paper explains conversion of existing drum brake system to disc brake system with complete digital validation at structural as well as thermal level to make sure First Time Right Design before physical part development. To provide leverage to quick design, modification and selection of brake system according to vehicle configuration, a virtual computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation process is developed and validated with test results. Temperature variation over brake drum and disc in internal standard braking cycle is measured virtually and correlated with test results. Also Fade testing criteria’s were considered during CFD analysis.This up gradation is must considering technology enhancement trend and safety in automotive segment. In current competitive market scenario and as per customer requirements, front disc brake module is becoming necessary not only for passenger segment but also for commercial segment vehicle. Brake system design is challenging task as it deals with safety norms and also required to meet stringent performance. Brake Rotor is very important component in brake system which is expected to withstand high braking torque and dissipate heat during…
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Novel Disc Brake System Leading towards Payload Increment and Maintenance Improvement

Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicle Ltd.-Ashesh Anil Shah, Kshitiz Raj
Published 2016-09-18 by SAE International in United States
Brake system for any vehicle plays an important role, as safety comes at highest level, also domestic and international safety norms for commercial vehicles are getting stringent. In current scenario of highly competitive commercial market, Payload advantage comes at peak level in customer demand list, also maintainability plays an important role to make sure least vehicle downtime, linked to customer profitability. Finally, if product has less complexity (reducing no. of parts), then it will provide add on benefit to any organization. Considering these customer oriented perspectives, mainly payload & maintenance, along with regulation compliance. We have proposed new Disc brake system for heavy duty commercial vehicle providing maximum payload benefit, along with enhancement in maintainability. It has also enhanced performance and meeting all legislative criteria at vehicle level.
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