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Thermal-Hydraulic Performance of Microstructured Heat Exchangers

Journal Article
ISSN: 1946-3855, e-ISSN: 1946-3901
Published November 11, 2008 by SAE International in United States
Thermal-Hydraulic Performance of Microstructured Heat Exchangers
Citation: Heltzel, A., "Thermal-Hydraulic Performance of Microstructured Heat Exchangers," SAE Int. J. Aerosp. 1(1):1036-1045, 2009,
Language: English


Three-dimensional conjugate heat transfer models are built to predict the steady-state performance of microscale pin-fin and cross-flow heat exchangers with hydraulic diameters on the order of 100 μm. Modeling, meshing, and segmentation techniques are presented to allow for macroscale simulation of the microstructured devices. The effect of variation in geometric and flow parameters is investigated. Hydraulic and thermal predictions are compared to published experimental and extended beyond the limited range of test data to provide performance within a wide parametric range. A discussion of the dominating and relevant thermal transport mechanisms in both fluids and solid clarifies the routes to optimizing heat transfer in these small scale heat exchangers.