Study on Soot Oxidation Characteristics of Ce and La Modified Pt-Pd CDPF Catalysts

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The catalyzed diesel particulate filter with Pt and Pd noble metals as the main loaded active components are widely used in the field of automobile engines, but the high cost makes it face huge challenges. Rare earth element doping can improve the soot oxidation performance of the catalyzed diesel particulate filter and provide a new way to reduce its cost. In this paper, thermogravimetric tests and chemical reaction kinetic calculations were used to explore the effect of Pt-Pd catalysts doped Ce, and La rare earth elements on the oxidation properties of soot. The results shown that, among Pt-Pd-5%Ce, Pt-Pd-5%La, and Pt-Pd-5%Ce-5%La catalysts, Pt-Pd-5%La catalyst has the highest soot conversion, the highest low-temperature oxidation speed, and the activation energy is the smallest. Compared with soot, this catalyst reduced T10 and T20 by 82% and 26%, respectively, meaning the catalytic activity of Pt-Pd-5%La catalyst was the best. With the decrease of catalyst/soot ratios, the soot conversion and oxidation speed of Pt-Pd and Pt-Pd-5%La catalysts decreased, and characteristic temperature increased. In both catalyst formulations, samples with catalyst/soot ratio of 5 showed the best catalytic activity, and the other samples with smaller catalyst/soot ratios showed less difference. The study revealed the influence of doping elements and catalyst/soot ratios on the oxidation characteristics and reaction kinetics of soot, which has a guiding significance for optimizing the doping scheme of rare earth elements and realizing the reduction of noble metals.
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Lou, D., Chen, Y., Zhang, Y., Wan, P. et al., "Study on Soot Oxidation Characteristics of Ce and La Modified Pt-Pd CDPF Catalysts," Advances and Current Practices in Mobility 6(2):879-889, 2024,
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Apr 11, 2023
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