Road Adhesion Coefficient Identification Method Based on Vehicle Dynamics Model and Multi-Algorithm Fusion

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As an important input parameter of intelligent vehicle active safety technology, road adhesion coefficient is of great significance in autonomous collision avoidance, emergency braking and collision avoidance, and variable adhesion road motion control. Traditional recognition methods based on vehicle dynamics require large data volume and low solution accuracy. This paper proposes an adhesion coefficient recognition method based on Elman neural network and Kalman filter. By establishing a seven-degree-of-freedom vehicle dynamics model, dynamic parameters such as yaw angular velocity, longitudinal velocity, lateral velocity, and angular velocity of each wheel, which are easy to measure and strongly related to the road adhesion coefficient, are analyzed as the input of the neural network model. The square root cubature Kalman filter algorithm is used to remove the noise of the input of the neural network model, and Q-learning is used to strengthen learning, and the weight coefficient and bias coefficient of the model are continuously rewarded and punished, so that the predicted value does not exceed the normal range of values. The algorithm was pre-trained through CarSim/Simulink co-simulation, 9 sets of simulation conditions were established, and 4 sets of verification schemes were designed for identification and inspection. The average error of the simulation process is 4.93%, and the accuracy is 91.23%. Compared with the traditional Elman neural network, the average recognition error of this method is reduced by 2.23%, and the accuracy rate is increased by 9.83%. Real vehicle experiments were carried out on wet asphalt pavement and dry asphalt pavement, verifying the feasibility of the method. This paper proposes a road adhesion coefficient recognition method, which can improve the applicability of intelligent vehicle active safety systems to complex scenarios.
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Lu, X., Shi, Q., Li, Y., Xu, K. et al., "Road Adhesion Coefficient Identification Method Based on Vehicle Dynamics Model and Multi-Algorithm Fusion," Advances and Current Practices in Mobility 5(2):731-747, 2023,
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Mar 29, 2022
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