Research on Surface Treatment Coating on Titanium Alloy Based on Laser Cladding Technology

2023 AeroTech
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This paper will illustrate the surface treatment coating that forms a strong metallurgical bond between the titanium alloy matrix regarding the high friction properties and challenging lubricating of titanium alloys. In this research, TC4 has been selected as a base material instead of TiC. Then Ni-composite coating was employed as the surface treatment of TC4 by laser cladding (LC) process. The Ni-based alloy coating material powder is good self-fluxing, has high-temperature resistance, and is analytically pure with 200 mesh. The chemical properties of Ni composite coating include 31.2 % Chromium, 8%Titenium, and 3.6% Carbon. Overall characterization and microstructure analysis of the prepared coating utilizing OM, XRD, SEM, EDS, and EPMA with different laser-specific energies (LSP) performance impact. It is evident that an excellent coating can be employed at the LSP of about 12.5kJ/cm2. The TiC ceramic particle reinforced phase is dispersed into a two-phase solid solution of β-Ti and γ-Ni. The micro-hardness of the employed coating is greater than the base alloy. This research also optimized that laser power is proportional to the coating structure. This research has practical value in the modern aerospace and automobile industry to increase the application of titanium alloy.
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Miah, M., Chand, D., Malhi, G., Khan, S. et al., "Research on Surface Treatment Coating on Titanium Alloy Based on Laser Cladding Technology," Advances and Current Practices in Mobility 5(5):1805-1810, 2023,
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Mar 7, 2023
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