Prediction of Wear Loss of Exhaust Valve Seat of Gasoline Engine Based on Rig Test Result

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The purpose of this research was to predict the amount of wear on exhaust valve seats in durability testing of gasoline engines. Through the rig wear test, a prediction formula was constructed with multiple factors as variables. In the rig test, the wear rate was measured in some cases where a number of factors of valve seat wear were within a certain range. Through these tests, sensitivity for each factor was determined from the measured wear data, and then a prediction formula for calculating the amount of wear was constructed with high sensitivity factors. Combining the wear amount calculation formula with the operation mode of the actual engine, the wear amount in that mode can be calculated. The calculated wear amount showed a high correlation with the wear amount measured in bench tests and the wear amount measured in vehicle tests. Also the influence of wear on differing valve seat materials and valve diameters was determined by rig test, and the amount of wear in corresponding actual engines could be predicted.
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Kishiwada, S., Shiwa, Y., Yoshii, K., Satou, N. et al., "Prediction of Wear Loss of Exhaust Valve Seat of Gasoline Engine Based on Rig Test Result," SAE Int. J. Engines 11(6):1023-1030, 2018,
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Apr 3, 2018
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