Modeling Approach for Hybrid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources with Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

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This article presents a technical study on the integration of hybrid renewable energy sources (RES) with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, aiming to enhance energy efficiency, grid stability, and mitigating power imbalances. The growing adoption of RES and electric vehicles (EV) necessitates innovative solutions to mitigate intermittency and optimize resource utilization. The study’s primary objective is to design and analyze a hybrid distribution generation system encompassing solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power stations, along with a conventional diesel generator, connected to the utility grid. A V2G system is strategically embedded within the microgrid to facilitate bidirectional power exchange between EV and the grid. Methodologically, MATLAB/Simulink® 2021a is employed to simulate the system’s performance over one day. This research addresses a critical research gap in comprehensively evaluating the synergy between hybrid RES and V2G technology within a microgrid context. The study contributes by demonstrating the potential of EVs as dynamic energy storage units, effectively mitigating the intermittency of renewable energy (RE) and supporting grid stability. This is achieved by injecting or absorbing energy to address frequency deviation events and improve power flow based on demand needs and generated power from the source. The results highlight the capability of the V2G system to optimize energy flow, regulate grid frequency, and alleviate power imbalances. Main findings underscore the significant role of V2G in enhancing grid resilience and flexibility, especially during RE fluctuations and unexpected events. Moreover, the study underscores the feasibility of achieving sustainable energy goals through the coordinated operation of hybrid RES and V2G systems.
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Al-Shetwi, A., "Modeling Approach for Hybrid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources with Vehicle-to-Grid Technology," Electrified Vehicles 13(2):249-258, 2024,
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