Iterative Learning for Laboratory Electro-Hydraulic Fully Flexible Valve Actuation System Transient Control

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Fully flexible valve actuation (FFVA) is a key enabling technology of internal engine combustion research and development. Two laboratory electro-hydraulic FFVA systems have been developed and implemented in R&D test cells. These FFVA systems were designed using repetitive control (RC), which is based on internal model principle (IMP), for constant engine speed operation. With the engine operating in a steady-state condition, the valve profile input is periodic. This can be accommodated by a repetitive controller, which provides the function of flexible control to step changes in valve lift, valve opening duration, and cam phase angle position.
During engine speed transients, as the valve reference trajectory becomes aperiodic in the time domain, the controllers based on the linear time invariant (LTI) IMP, such as RC, are no longer applicable. Engine speed transient control is a desired function to engine research and other similar applications, such as motor control. Several investigations are reported with limited results because of the assumption of IMP and periodic input.
This article presents the control design and verification of the iterative learning control (ILC) algorithm for the laboratory electro-hydraulic FFVA system. This algorithm tracks valve lift profiles under steady-state and transient operation. A dynamic model of the plant was obtained from experimental data to design and verify the effectiveness and robustness of this approach. The simple structure of the ILC in implementation and low cost in computation are crucial benefits to recommend the ILC. It is not an IMP-based approach, and its structure does not depend on the system input. Therefore, it has higher robustness to perturbation and modeling errors than other control methods for repetitive valve lift profile tracking tasks.
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Wu, H., Kang, J., Yang, X., and Huffman, T., "Iterative Learning for Laboratory Electro-Hydraulic Fully Flexible Valve Actuation System Transient Control,"
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Feb 06
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