Establishment of Defect Free Weldment Parameters for Higher Productivity in Flash Butt Welding Machine

International Conference on Advances in Design, Materials, Manufacturing and Surface Engineering for Mobility
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In this work, Flash butt welding process was completely studied and the parameters for improvement of productivity were established with the help of flash butt welding machine. This work tries to confirm that an exploratory type of research is mostly preferred and analysis has to be done to achieve the end output. Quality affirmation and cost of value are the two significant variables that influence the efficiency of flash butt welding. To accomplish excellent quality and less cost of value different components that impact the welded joint and procedure are considered and comprehended. As commitment towards this point, an examination was done in the flash butt welding system. One of the fundamental goal of this investigation was to build up the imperfection free parameters. This was done initially by studying the different defects that occur in flash butt welded joints. Then, causes and the steps to reduce these defects were studied and finally the required parameters were derived from different test pieces. Various tests have also been conducted to confirm the accuracy of the parameters that were established.
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Vijayakumar, S., and S, S., "Establishment of Defect Free Weldment Parameters for Higher Productivity in Flash Butt Welding Machine," SAE Int. J. Adv. & Curr. Prac. in Mobility 3(2):813-822, 2021,
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Sep 25, 2020
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