Development and Testing of an Automatic Transmission Shift Schedule Algorithm for Vehicle Simulation

SAE 2015 World Congress & Exhibition
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The Advanced Light-Duty Powertrain and Hybrid Analysis (ALPHA) tool was created by EPA to estimate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from light-duty (LD) vehicles [1]. ALPHA is a physics-based, forward-looking, full vehicle computer simulation capable of analyzing various vehicle types combined with different powertrain technologies. The software tool is a MATLAB/Simulink based desktop application. In order to model the behavior of current and future vehicles, an algorithm was developed to dynamically generate transmission shift logic from a set of user-defined parameters, a cost function (e.g., engine fuel consumption) and vehicle performance during simulation.
This paper presents ALPHA's shift logic algorithm and compares its predicted shift points to actual shift points from a mid-size light-duty vehicle and to the shift points predicted using a static table-based shift logic as calibrated to the same vehicle during benchmark testing. An explanation of, and a process for tuning, the user defined parameters is presented and example applications of the algorithm in transmission and engine sensitivity studies are described.
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Newman, K., Kargul, J., and Barba, D., "Development and Testing of an Automatic Transmission Shift Schedule Algorithm for Vehicle Simulation," Engines 8(3):1417-1427, 2015,
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Apr 14, 2015
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