Control Design for PMM-Based Generator Fed by Active Front-End Rectifier in More-Electric Aircraft

SAE 2016 Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference
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The future aircraft electrical power system is expected to be more efficient, safer, simpler in servicing and easier in maintenance. As a result, many existing hydraulic and pneumatic power driven systems are being replaced by their electrical counterparts. This trend is known as a move towards the More-Electric Aircraft (MEA). As a result, a large number of new electrical loads have been introduced in order to power many primary functions including actuation, de-icing, cabin air-conditioning, and engine start. Therefore electric power generation systems have a key role in supporting this technological trend. Advances in modern power electronics allow the concept of starter/generator (S/G) which enables electrical engine start and power generation using the same electrical machine. This results in substantial improvements in power density and reduced overall weight. One of the potential S/G solutions is to employ a permanent magnet machine (PMM) controlled by active front-end rectifier (AFE). Operation of the PMM as a generator at wide range of speed that is dictated by the engine and electrical loads connected to the aircraft bus require careful design of the controllers. Corresponding plant models are derived and verified with simulations using developed models in Matlab/Simulink. The relevant controllers are designed based on the derived plants and operating points. The controllers are tested with Simulink models and experimentally using a scaled prototype of the investigated generator system.
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Yin, M., Bozhko, S., and Yeoh, S., "Control Design for PMM-Based Generator Fed by Active Front-End Rectifier in More-Electric Aircraft," SAE Int. J. Aerosp. 9(1):23-29, 2016,
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Sep 20, 2016
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