Brake Systems and Composite Rotors: How Racing can be a Vision for High Performance Cars

Brake Colloquium & Exhibition - 40th Annual
Authors Abstract
Carbon/Carbon brakes in Racing are in use since the 80’s, directly derived from aircraft brake materials.
Racing cars evolved so much since then that dedicated materials, design, quality tools, simulation & testing tools have been developed through the years.
Today a Racing car brake is no longer just a brake but it’s a very integrated system in the vehicle aerodynamics, a way to control tyre temperature and to optimize BBW system strategy in order to improve overall performance.
Brembo effort on C/C brake materials will be shown, including:
  • new patented/patent pending fiber architectures to tune desired final mechanical/thermal properties
  • self-developed CFD and chemical simulation of CVD furnaces to optimize product variability and maximize production efficiency
  • self-developed non-destructive quality tests to check 100% of actual production
  • advanced structural and CFD models to achieve efficient extreme cooling patterns
  • materials that may be tuned to the thermal, mechanical, friction and cost desired final properties
Such know how has been brought into a new generation of high performance C/SiC brake materials, with the scopes of:
  • Achieve high performances typical of Racing brakes
  • Minimize the weight and rotating masses on a car
  • Maintain “comfort” behavior as today “ best reference ”
  • Easy to use out of racing environment too
  • Maximize rotor life and minimize rotor/pads consumption, for a “greener” usage
A vision for future directions of such material is forecasted
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Cividini, O., and Passoni, R., "Brake Systems and Composite Rotors: How Racing can be a Vision for High Performance Cars," Advances and Current Practices in Mobility 5(4):1379-1386, 2023,
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Sep 19, 2022
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