Brake Particle Emission Measurements - Testing Method and Results

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Brake Particle Emission (BPE) is gaining considerable importance for the friction brake and automotive industry. So far no common approach or legislation for BPE characterization exists although many activities in this field have been started during the last years. Taking this into account, the authors carried out a joint measurement campaign to investigate a new approach regarding the sampling location using a brake dynamometer. During preliminary investigations the influence of the cooling air quality has been examined and a sampling point position validation has been carried out.
At first the stabilization behavior for repeated test cycles and variations of volumetric air flow rates are analyzed. As a next step the role of volatile particle emissions is determined. Subsequently, the influence of load history and friction power is studied. Finally results in terms of the role of high temperature applications are presented.
In summary, it can be stated that a robust measurement method for BPE characterizations, is introduced. Based on the results of this work, further investigation in terms of friction material benchmarking and development of new BPE-optimized friction partners will be done.
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Lugovyy, D., Gramstat, S., Cserhati, A., and Schroeder, M., "Brake Particle Emission Measurements - Testing Method and Results," SAE Int. J. Engines 10(4):1841-1846, 2017,
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Mar 28, 2017
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