Accurate Pressure Control Based on Driver Braking Intention Identification for a Novel Integrated Braking System

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With the development of intelligent and electric vehicles, higher requirements are put forward for the active braking and regenerative braking ability of the braking system. The traditional braking system equipped with vacuum booster has difficulty meeting the demand, therefore it has gradually been replaced by the integrated braking system. In this paper, a novel Integrated Braking System (IBS) is presented, which mainly contains a pedal feel simulator, a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), a series of transmission mechanisms, and the hydraulic control unit. As an integrative system of mechanics-electronics-hydraulics, the IBS has complex nonlinear characteristics, which challenge the accurate pressure control. Furthermore, it is a completely decoupled braking system, the pedal force doesn’t participate in pressure-building, so it is necessary to precisely identify driver’s braking intention. To improve the control accuracy of the system, this paper proposed a novel pressure control strategy based on driver braking intention identification. Firstly, the structure and working principle of the novel integrated braking system was introduced. Secondly, the driver's braking intention identification strategy was designed. Thirdly, Considering the nonlinear and dynamic characteristics of the system, a cascade closed-loop control strategy including a pressure loop by the feedforward-feedback method, a position loop by the sliding-mode control method, and current loop with friction compensation was proposed. Finally, based on dSPACE products, a hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) experimental bench was built for algorithm verification. The HiL experiment results show that the pressure control strategy has the advantages of accurate response, the braking system pressure follows the driver's expected pressure well.
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Zhu, B., Zhang, Y., Zhao, J., Chen, Z. et al., "Accurate Pressure Control Based on Driver Braking Intention Identification for a Novel Integrated Braking System," SAE Int. J. Adv. & Curr. Prac. in Mobility 3(4):2114-2122, 2021,
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Apr 6, 2021
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