A Bibliographical Review of Electrical Vehicles (xEVs) Standards

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This work puts presents an all-inclusive state of the art bibliographical review of all categories of electrified transportation (xEVs) standards, issued by the most important standardization organizations. Firstly, the current status for the standards by major organizations is presented followed by the graphical representation of the number of standards issued. The review then takes into consideration the interpretation of the xEVs standards developed by all the major standardization organizations across the globe. The standards are differentiated categorically to deliver a coherent view of the current status followed by the explanation of the core of these standards. The ISO, IEC, SAE, IEEE, UL, ESO, NTCAS, JARI, JIS and ARAI electrified transportation vehicles xEV Standards from USA, Europe, Japan, China and India were evaluated. A total approximated of 283 standards in the area have been issued. A tabular form containing the code numbers and standards titles by the major standard organizations in a total of seven categories is presented. Categories identified were: Standards on xEV Terminology Vocabulary, Standards on xEV Charging, Standards on xEV Battery and Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems - RESS, Standards on xEV Safety and Protection, Standards on xEV Communication, Standards on xEV Power Quality, Power Rating and Power Transfer, and finally, Standards on Measurement of the xEV Performance Measurement. This detailed elucidation of the standards will assist the researchers, reviewers and experts to find all the standards available in open literature at one platform, compare and differentiate of various standards considered. Further, description of up-to- date standards of the xEVs sector in India is outlined, which is of significant importance considering the increasing influence of electric mobility in the Indian transportation sector. This work will be valuable, principally to the automotive industry, as reference for product development applicable to numerous worldwide markets.
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Alam, M., Ahmad, A., Khan, Z., Rafat, Y. et al., "A Bibliographical Review of Electrical Vehicles (xEVs) Standards," SAE Int. J. Alt. Power. 7(1):63-98, 2018, https://doi.org/10.4271/08-07-01-0005.
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Apr 18, 2018
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