J88_200602 Sound Measurement—Off-Road Work Machines—Exterior



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This SAE Standard sets forth the instrumentation and procedure to be used in measuring the exterior sound pressure levels for self-propelled off-road work machines as defined in sections 1, 3, 5 and 6 of SAE J1116. This document does not address the operation of safety devices such as backup alarms, horns, or accessories. The sound levels obtained by using the test procedures set forth in this document are repeatable and are representative of the higher range of sound levels generated by machines under actual field operating conditions. Due to the variability of field operating conditions, this data is not intended to be used for construction site boundary noise evaluations.
This document was revised and updated to incorporate the appropriate exterior testing portion of SAE J1262, all off-road work machines except agriculture, and to incorporate the latest standards, references, and format during the normal 5-year review. Changes were made to allow the use of Leq for the steady state portions of this test procedure. Also, the dialogue has been changed to include trenching machines in the test procedure and terminology. Paragraphs have been renumbered as needed and the individual changes noted by paragraph number:
  1. General—Only metric dimensions are used.
  2. 1—The “Purpose” was eliminated and combined with the “Scope” to conform to the new SAE format which lists “Scope” first.
  3. 2—References were updated and listed as Section 2 per new SAE format (was Section 5).
  4. 3.1—Added text to allow the use of an integrating sound level meter if it meets IEC 804-1985 requirements and has the slow dynamic characteristic, max hold.
  5.—Added text to indicate cycled component must have controls located at the operator’s station. Added text to exclude non-riding machines without power steering or hydraulic controls from this section of the test procedure. Also, added text to include self-propelled sweepers into the machine hydraulic cycling component of the test procedure.
  6. 4.2.2—Added text to identify major component operation for self-propelled sweepers during the constant speed moving test.
  7. 4.2.3—Included text to identify major attachments for trenching machines and self-propelled sweepers and their proper transport positions.
  8. 4.3.2—Included Leq as an approved sound level meter setting for recording the steady-state sound levels of high idle and rated speed.
  9. 4.3.6—Requested gear ratio and approximate ground speed used during the moving test to be recorded.
  10. 4.3.9—Divided this section into three sections to clarify the number of cycles to be conducted, and the determination of measurement results. New sections added were numbered 4.3.10 and 4.3.12. (Now 4.3.11)
  11. 4.3.12 (Now 4.3.11)—Added text to permit attachments not considered in defining the basic machine to be left on during testing.
  12. 5.2—Added text covering safe operation of the machine per the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
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SAE International Technical Standard, Sound Measurement—Off-Road Work Machines—Exterior, SAE Standard J88_200602, Revised February 2006, Issued November 1972, https://doi.org/10.4271/J88_200602.
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Feb 9, 2006
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