J584_202002 Motorcycle Headlamps



Issuing Committee
This SAE Standard provides test procedures, performance requirements, design guidelines, and installation guidelines for motorcycle headlamps.
This revision to SAE J584 was developed by a task force containing members of the Lighting Systems Group and the Specialized Vehicle and Equipment Motorcycle Committee.
The photometric test point tables were updated to figures. The titles were updated to match the current classifications of motorcycles in SAE J213, and the application was changed to only be dependent on speed, not engine size.
A section was added to allow additional light with the low beam or high beam while the motorcycle is leaning. “Bank lighting” was defined for this application. The UN regulations use the term “bend lighting,” but SAE already uses that term in adaptive forward lighting systems. The photometric requirements started at the HV line, but was moved to 0.5U to work with existing SAE test points.
An option was added to aim the headlamp to the low beam as opposed to the high beam. This was added to encourage harmonization with UN motorcycle regulations as well as automotive regulations. The aiming method is based on SAE J1383, SAE J583, and the UN symmetrical beam headlamp regulation. Discussion occurred on the value of the maximum gradient and the position of the gradient when aiming.
The aiming adjustment requirements were reviewed extensively. After initially retaining the requirement of ±4 degrees, and adding an allowance as a function of vehicle pitch angle, a simplified wording was agreed on which requires vertical adjustment and allows horizontal adjustment. The text was moved to 6.4. The aiming adjustment tests, clarity of hot spot, and inward force test sections were all removed.
In addition to the items explained above, the following updates have been made:
  • Updated the format of the document to current SAE standards.
  • Added SAE J2595 and SAE J2650 to 2.1.1.
  • Added 2.2.
  • Added SAE J387 to 2.2.1.
  • Revised the definition of motorcycle headlamp.
  • Added definition for bank lighting.
  • Added optical axis mark and trademark indication.
  • Updated the names of SAE J575 tests in 5.1.
  • Moved “beam aim during photometric test” section to 5.1.1 and 6.1.1.
  • Reorganized “photometric design requirements” into appropriate sections under test and performance requirements.
  • Added a note allowing adaptive driving beam devices; SAE J3069 was not referenced because it is written for automobiles, not motorcycles.
  • Revised wording in 7.1.
The task force discussed removing the “single beam” photometric figures, but did not receive enough useful feedback on whether it was feasible, so it remains in the document.
The task force also developed an additional set of “harmonized” photometric figures that would function as a harmonized pattern with the SAE and UNECE requirements. These figures were checked by several headlamp manufacturers using existing lamp photometry to verify the feasibility of the requirements. However, the UN body is working toward a significant modification to the existing regulations, so the SAE J584 task force is delaying incorporation of the harmonized figures until the new UN regulations are established.
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SAE International Technical Standard, Motorcycle Headlamps, SAE Standard J584_202002, Revised February 2020, Reaffirmed September 2010, Issued December 1949, https://doi.org/10.4271/J584_202002.
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Feb 17, 2020
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