J2655_201509 Fastener Part Standard - Washers and Lockwashers (Inch Dimensioned)



Issuing Committee
This SAE Part Standard covers selected inch dimensioned washers and lock washers manufactured in accordance with American Society for Mechanical Engineers dimensional standards. This SAE standard covers material most often used in ship systems and equipment but its use may be applied wherever washers of the covered materials are used. This standard permits the washers to be identified and ordered by a part identification number (PIN) as defined in this standard.
  1. Appendix A provides a means of establishing PINs for non-standard flat washers.
  2. Appendix B establishes standards for lock plates and tab lock washers often used in Navy designs.
  3. Appendix C identifies other military and non-government standards for flat washers, helical and toothed lock washers. It identifies the materials covered by each standard with a comparison of those dimensions with those SAE J2655 washers.
ASME B18.21.1 now includes flat washers and has superseded ASME B18.22.1. All references to ASME B18.22.1.have been changed to ASME B18.21.1.
  1. Section 1: Added statement on Hazardous Materials.
  2. Section 2: ASME B18.21.1 has superseded ASME B18.22.1.
  3. Section 3: Definitions has been inserted as a new section and all subsequent sections renumbered.
  4. Section 4 (previously Section 3): Hexavalent chromium is now prohibited in all coatings. Clarified salt spray corrosion protection requirements for electrodeposited coatings. A zinc flake performance coating, Designator F, in accordance with ISO 10683 is added to provide a wider selection of acceptable zinc coatings. ISO 10683 replaces ASTM F1137 which has deleted Types II and III and ASTM F1136 previously referenced herein. .
  5. Figure 1 Field 5: Designator A Aluminum has been deleted due to misidentification of the coating. Designator C has been inactivated for new design. Designators F zinc flake, ZA zinc electroplate with clear topcoat and ZC zinc electroplate with yellow topcoat have been added. Designator Z now allows either Designators ZA or ZC to be furnished.
  6. Table 5 Nominal Dimensions For Fender Washers are added.
  7. Table 6 (previously 5): Corrected Field 4 Designators, G1 carbon steel, S1 and S2 stainless steel and C2 brass hardness to agree with production values. G1 retains a hardness max to prevent brittle material. Corrected designator G4 alloy steel to agree with standard material availability. Added designators C1 copper alloys and N7 and N8 nickel alloys. Coatings column heading is changed from “Recommended” to “Permitted.”
  8. Table 7 (previously 6): Corrected Field 4 designators S1 and S2 stainless steel hardness typographical error for toothed lock washers to agree with ASME. Added hardness value to designator C5 phosphor bronze for toothed lock washers. Added designator N7 and N8 nickel alloys.
  9. Section 5: Adds guidance for CRES 316, coatings and tab type lockwashers,
  10. Appendix B Lock Plates and Tab Lock Washers based upon Navy designs is added to promote standardization.
  11. Minor editorial changes, clarifications and corrections made throughout.
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SAE International Technical Standard, Fastener Part Standard - Washers and Lockwashers (Inch Dimensioned), SAE Standard J2655_201509, Revised September 2015, Issued September 2003, https://doi.org/10.4271/J2655_201509.
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Sep 22, 2015
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