J2579_202301 Standard for Fuel Systems in Fuel Cell and Other Hydrogen Vehicles



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The purpose of this document is to define design, construction, operational, and maintenance requirements for hydrogen fuel storage and handling systems in on-road vehicles.
Performance-based requirements for verification of design prototype and production hydrogen storage and handling systems are also defined in this document. Complementary test protocols (for use in type approval or self-certification) to qualify designs (and/or production) as meeting the specified performance requirements are described.
Crashworthiness of hydrogen storage and handling systems is beyond the scope of this document. SAE J2578 includes requirements relating to crashworthiness and vehicle integration for fuel cell vehicles. It defines recommended practices related to the integration of hydrogen storage and handling systems, fuel cell system, and electrical systems into the overall Fuel Cell Vehicle.
Gaps in requirements for heavy duty hydrogen vehicles have been addressed. See 4.4.2 for hydrogen storage system mounting and installation requirements and for guidance in conducting the localized fire test.
The table for pre-approved materials for high pressure hydrogen compatibility in Appendix B.2 was re-formatted to improve understanding. Materials on the table were reviewed and adjusted.
Editorial and format errors were corrected in Appendix B.3 including the re-numbering of sections. Procedures were updated and streamlined throughout Appendix B.3 to improve the quality of test results and expedite verification of materials. Appendix B.3.3 was deleted as a normative requirement as recent test data indicate that Appendix B3.2 is adequate for assessment of fatigue crack growth. References were also added in Appendix B.3 to a newly published standard, CSA CHMC 1, for the verification of the compatibility of materials with compressed hydrogen.
The localized fire test in Appendix C.12 was updated to harmonized acceptance criteria with the approved GTR for hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles. Additional requirements for the test configuration have also been added to address variability in test results that have noted in recent testing.
Requirements for burst ratios of the containers in the Compressed Hydrogen Storage System (CHSS) were modified in Appendix H. Both the minimum allowable prescribed burst ratio and the test method to empirically determine the minimum acceptable value were updated.
SAE J2579 has been reaffirmed to comply with the SAE Five-Year Review policy.
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SAE International Technical Standard, Standard for Fuel Systems in Fuel Cell and Other Hydrogen Vehicles, SAE Standard J2579_202301, Reaffirmed January 2023, Revised June 2018, Issued January 2008, https://doi.org/10.4271/J2579_202301.
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Jan 9, 2023
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