J2534/1_201510 Recommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming



Issuing Committee
This SAE Recommended Practice describes a standardized interface that connects between a standard personal computer (PC) and vehicle.
The purpose of this interface is to enable the reprogramming of emission-related control modules, in 2004 and later model year vehicles. The interface shall consist of the necessary hardware and/or software to support the requirements defined in this document. It is expected that vehicle manufacturers will provide the software application that will control the Pass-Thru Interface, to perform the actual reprogramming.
The goal of this document is to ensure that reprogramming software from any vehicle manufacturer is compatible with interface supplied by any tool manufacturer. A common interface for all vehicle manufacturers reduces the tool costs for aftermarket garages, while allowing each vehicle manufacturer to control the programming sequence for the electronic control units (ECUs) in their vehicles. Aftermarket garages will be able to obtain a standardized interface from a variety of tool suppliers.
This document does not limit the hardware possibilities for the connection between the PC and the interface (e.g., RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet…). Tool suppliers are free to choose the connection that is most appropriate for their needs. Tools that are required to be SAE J2534-1 compliant must strictly adhere to the requirements defined in this document.
Applications that are required to be SAE J2534-1 compliant must strictly adhere to the requirements defined in this document. Applications that use features defined in the SAE J2534-2/xxxx document set are not considered to be SAE J2534-1 compliant.
Concerns from the Vehicle OEMs, Regulators, and Application Programmers have prompted the J2534-1 document to be updated to address the following items:
  • Ensure that all compliant devices can be validated
  • Ensure that all compliant devices act the same
  • Concerns/issues from Vehicle OEMs and Device manufacturers
  • Add new functionality to meet the needs of Vehicle OEMs that are improving the reprogramming process
To address these items, the following changes have been made:
  1. 1
    To ensure testability and consistency among compliant devices
    • APIs have been clarified to eliminate ambiguities
    • Error case handling has been added/extended
    • Optional Content has been eliminated
    • Prohibit pop-ups or other types of user interaction from within the DLL
    • Specify behavior when a device disconnect occurs
  2. 2
    To address Vehicle OEMs and Device manufacturers concerns
    • Interleave ISO 15765 messages
    • Individual timing/control settings for each ISO 15765 logical communication channel
    • Support ISO 15765 full and half-duplex
  3. 3
    To meet new OEM requirements
    • The API now supports raw CAN frames and ISO 15765 messages on the same physical link
    • A Pass-Thru Device discovery mechanism has been added
    • New device details to specifically support wireless Pass-Thru Devices
    • Provided the ability to send and receive larger messages
    • Provide a framework that is extendable with future protocols
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SAE International Recommended Practice, Recommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming, SAE Standard J2534/1_201510, Revised October 2015, Issued February 2002, https://doi.org/10.4271/J2534/1_201510.
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Oct 28, 2015
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