J2258_201012 Light Utility Vehicles



Issuing Committee
This SAE Standard defines requirements relating to the elements of design, operation, and maintenance of light utility vehicles. The safety specifications in this document apply to any self-propelled, operator-controlled, off-highway vehicle 1829 mm (72 in) or less in overall width, exclusive of added accessories and attachments, operable on three or more wheels, primarily intended to transport material loads or people, with a gross vehicle weight of 2500 kg (5500 lb) or less, and a maximum design speed less than or equal to 40.23 km/h (25 mph).
This document is not intended to cover Go-Karts (ASTM F2007-07a), Fun-Karts (ASTM F2011-02e1), Dune Buggies, and all terrain vehicles (ATVs) complying with ANSI/SVIA 1.
The revisions to SAE J2258 are intended to achieve consistency with other SAE standards and procedures, to make the test results more repeatable and quantitative, and to incorporate improvements in test procedures and data analysis.
The primary changes and the reasons for them are listed as follows:
  1. a
    Added the Table of Contents
    Reason: To make sections easier to access
  2. b
    Revised Scope to include 40.23 km/h (25 mph) and to exclude Go-Karts, Fun-Karts, and Dune Buggies.
    Reason: Clarity
  3. c
    Reviewed normative references and deleted those not used, revised references as necessary, and added references
    Reason: To insure applicability and to include new references.
  4. d
    Revised definition of Charged Battery (, and added definition of Light Utility Vehicle ( and Off Highway (
    Reason: Clarity.
  5. e
    Revised ( references and requirements for seat restraints.
    Reason: To insure that seat restraints tested are representative of revised references and intended loading.
  6. f
    Revised Figure 2B and relabeled as Figures 3A and 3B.
    Reason: To clarify the intent of the standard to eliminate the possibility of a different test procedures being used.
  7. g
    Revised Reflex Reflectors (7.6.6) to include two rear mounted reflectors.
    Reason: To aid in vehicle identification and location.
  8. h
    Revised the test load placement procedures by adding (7.7.3.d.(1), (2), and (3) and eliminating Figure 3.
    Reason: For clarity and to define load placement in cargo areas with and without sides
  9. i
    Revised Service Braking (7.9.2.a.5) to include operator only and G.V.W. vehicle configurations, added (7.2.9.b.3, .4, and .5) to test conditions, and added maximum stop distance to Equation 1 and 2.
    Reason: To define the two loading conditions needed for testing, to record data for Fade Testing, to not allow wheel “lock-up”, to address regenerative braking, and limit stopping distance.
  10. j
    Revised Service Brake Fade by adding (7.9.3.b.2) procedure and the Option 2 (Multiple Stop) procedure.
    Reason: To provide an alternative procedure that does not require special equipment and test conditions.
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SAE International Technical Standard, Light Utility Vehicles, SAE Standard J2258_201012, Revised December 2010, Issued January 1996, https://doi.org/10.4271/J2258_201012.
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Dec 8, 2010
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