J2249_199901 Wheelchair Tiedown and Occupant Restraint Systems for Use in Motor Vehicles



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This SAE Recommended Practice applies to WTORS comprised of a system or device for wheelchair tiedown and a system or device for restraining the wheelchair-seated occupant. It specifies design requirements, test methods, and performance requirements for WTORS, requirements for manufacturer’s instructions to installers and users, and requirements for product marking and labeling. This document places particular emphasis on design requirements, test procedures, and performance requirements for the dynamic performance of WTORS in a 48-km/h, 20-g frontal impact. It also specifies test procedures and performance requirements for webbing slippage at adjustment devices of strap-type wheelchair tiedowns, and for partial but ineffective engagement of wheelchair tiedowns, and tiedown components that could be perceived to be effectively engaged. Appendix F includes additional recommendations for WTORS that will enhance the design, performance, installation, and use of WTORS, but which are not, at this time, required for compliance with this document.
The contents of this document apply to WTORS used with forward-facing wheelchair-seated children and adults, and apply to passengers and drivers of personally licensed motor vehicles as well as to passengers of motor vehicles used in public and school transportation. While much of the focus of this document is on WTORS that use four-point wheelchair tiedown systems, unless otherwise specified, the provisions of this document are applicable to all types of WTORS, including those that use docking-type wheelchair tiedowns.
While the primary focus of this document is a WTORS that is packaged by the manufacturer as a complete system or kit, it is recognized that a significant portion of the WTORS market consists of separate WTORS components and subassemblies, such as anchorage track that is sold to the bus manufacturer, or securement and restraint assemblies that are sold to the transit provider. Manufacturers of such WTORS components and subassemblies may certify their equipment as being in compliance with this document provided that:
  1. a
    The subassemblies and components intended to be used together to create a WTORS meet all the appropriate requirements of this document, and
  2. b
    The separately sold components and subassemblies are provided with instructions in accordance with 5.5, where the word “compatible” means tested together to comply with this document.
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SAE International Recommended Practice, Wheelchair Tiedown and Occupant Restraint Systems for Use in Motor Vehicles, SAE Standard J2249_199901, Revised January 1999, Issued October 1996, https://doi.org/10.4271/J2249_199901.
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Jan 29, 1999
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