J2087_202102 Daytime Running Lamp



Issuing Committee
This SAE Standard provides requirements and test procedures for the daytime running light function (DRLF) and the lamps that provide it.
Title: Changed from daytime running light to daytime running lamp for each instance in document.
Section 1: Revised scope wording daytime running light function (DRLF) and allow for multiple lamps.
2.1.1: Added SAE J1383, SAE J1889, SAE J2261, SAE J2442, SAE J2650. Moved SAE J1050 to 2.2.1.
2.2.1: Added SAE J1050.
2.2.4: Updated UN website. Removed ECE designation from UNECE documents. Added UN R148.
2.2.5: Moved “Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard” to section title.
2.2.6: Added “Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard” to section title.
3.2: Clarified definition for DRLF; removed reference to specific lamps.
3.3: Removed telltale reference.
Sections 5 and 6: Renumbered sections to be consistent with other J-document format (sequence). Added measurement distance for low beam DRLF test requirements. Added other photometry test conditions,,
5.1.6: Removed unnecessary statement of steady burning because it is already specified in SAE J575.
5.2: Added 5.8.
5.3: Renamed to “material tests.”
6.1: Deleted the “performance requirements” preamble. Added SAE J575 reference and removed it from 6.2 to 6.7. Removed Figures 2 and 3. Removed zone requirements.
Figure 1: Changed title to dedicated and front position DRLF. Removed footnotes 2 and 3. Added a new footnote 3 from FMVSS 108. Added “optically combined with a front position lamp” and cumulative DRL per side requirement. Turn signal DRLF requirement is only 2.5 times and turn signal pattern. Removed when tested at 1.5D-2R and measured entire beam pattern, because the beam pattern for DRLs with multiple light sources may not uniformly change at reduced intensities. Removed high beam DRL option. As of the publication of this document, FMVSS/CMVSS 108 permit the DRL function to be provided by reduced-intensity upper beam headlamps. However, such DRLs present functional disadvantages and so this is not a recommended practice for new vehicle models.
6.2: Added emitted color.
6.3: Changed title to “materials.”
6.4: Removed location on vehicle requirement because vehicle level requirement, not lamp level requirement (should be in SAE J2442). Removed visibility requirements because vehicle level requirement, not lamp level requirement (should be in SAE J2442). Deleted installation requirement because vehicle level requirement, not lamp level requirement (should be in SAE J2442).
6.4.1: Added 200 cm2 max area requirement. Added requirement for DRLF consisting of two or more lamps. When other lamps are used as a DRL, they are now acting as DRLs and must meet DRL area requirements.
6.4.2: Removed “shall be certified” for reduced voltage operation requirement for light source. Added prolonged use without blackening.
Section 7: Deleted guidelines section because vehicle level requirement should be in SAE J2442.
Section 8: Renumbered to Section 7 and removed Section 8.
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SAE International Technical Standard, Daytime Running Lamp, SAE Standard J2087_202102, Revised February 2021, Issued August 1991, https://doi.org/10.4271/J2087_202102.
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Feb 4, 2021
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