J2064_201508 Coupled Automotive Refrigerant Air-Conditioning Hose Assemblies



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The Scope of SAE J2064 covers coupled hose assemblies intended for containing and circulating lubricant, liquid and gaseous R134a and/or R-1234yf refrigerant in automotive air-conditioning systems. Historically, requirements for the hose used in coupled automotive refrigerant air conditioning assemblies was included in SAE J2064. SAE J2064 has been changed to establish the requirements for factory and field coupled hose assemblies. SAE J3062 has been issued to define requirements for the hose used in these assemblies into its own standard. SAE J2064 also provides the necessary values used in SAE J2727 Mobile Air Conditioning System Refrigerant Emission charts for R-134a and R-1234yf. The certified coupling of MAC hose assemblies is required in meeting certain regulatory requirements.
A hose which has met the requirements of SAE J3062 and certified in J2911 must be used as part of the coupled assembly. A hose which meets the requirements of SAE J3062 does not insure the assembly will meet the requirements of SAE J2064. It is the hose assembly manufacturer’s responsibility to confirm that the assemblies meet the specified acceptance criteria for this specification. The hose assembly shall be designed to minimize permeation of the refrigerant, contamination of the system, and to be functional over a temperature range of −30 to 125 °C. Specific construction details are to be agreed upon between user and supplier.
Bulk hose produced prior to the release of this standard could be labeled “SAE J2064” and may not meet the requirements of SAE J3062.
SAE J3062 has been issued to separate requirements for the hose used in SAE J2064 Coupled Refrigerant Automotive Air-Conditioning Hose Assembly Requirements into its own standard.
Changes made to this document include:
  • Title: This will now be a “coupled” hose assembly standard.
  • Scope: Changed to reflected “coupled” hose assemblies and removed hose only references. Added the requirement that an SAE J2911 hose must be used in the assembly which meets the requirements of SAE J3062 Automotive Air-Conditioning Hose.
  • References: Added SAEJ2911 and SAEJ3062.
  • Manufacture: Deleted this section which is related to hose and is now part of SAEJ3062.
  • Identification: Changed from “Hose Identification” to “Hose Assembly Identification”. Deleted “Bulk Hose” section and removed hose marking references from “Hose Assembly Identification”.
  • Testing: Removed “Age Test”, “Cold Test”, “Vacuum Flattening”, “Length Change”, “Extraction Test”, “Ozone Test” and “Moisture Ingression” tests. Removed listing these test results from Table A1 “Certification Table” shown in Appendix A. These are now requirements of SAEJ3062.
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SAE International Technical Standard, Coupled Automotive Refrigerant Air-Conditioning Hose Assemblies, SAE Standard J2064_201508, Revised August 2015, Issued June 1993, https://doi.org/10.4271/J2064_201508.
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Aug 28, 2015
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