AS6286 Training and Qualification Program for Deicing/Anti-icing of Aircraft on the Ground



Issuing Committee
This document establishes the minimum training and qualification requirements for ground based aircraft deicing/anti-icing methods and procedures.
All guidelines referred to herein are applicable only in conjunction with the applicable documents. Due to aerodynamic and other concerns, the application of deicing/anti-icing fluids shall be carried out in compliance with engine and aircraft manufacturers’ recommendations.
The scope of training should be adjusted according to local demands. There are a wide variety of winter seasons and differences of the involvement between deicing operators and the level and length of training should therefore be adjusted accordingly. However, the minimum level of training shall be covered in all cases. As a rule of thumb, each hour of classroom training should at least equal the same amount (or include more) of practical training wherever this is relevant. Both basic and recurrent practical training shall be performed and documented periodically.
This document covers the standards for training and qualifying staff, contents of training, basic aerodynamics, and different aspects of deicing/anti-icing operations.
It will provide standards for setting up a proper training and qualification program for deicing and anti-icing of aircraft on the ground.
Background information to support this training program is provided to make the material a better tool for the preparation and execution of the training and qualification and the quality control process. It is intended to provide a common basis for deicing/anti-icing training and qualification for deicing providers and airlines. Each organization involved is responsible for complying with local regulations and requirements imposed by manufacturers of aircraft, equipment and fluids, by regulatory and environmental authorities. A Standard Teaching Plan and the Practical Assessment are included. This material was compiled using various international documents with support from SAE documents and individually contributed editorial comments. Its purpose is to serve as a “Globalized Deicing Training Manual”.
The document is intended to promote and develop safe practices, effective procedures, and improved technology related to training of aircraft ground operations in winter conditions to ensure the highest possible levels of safety for passengers, flight crew and ground personnel.
It can be utilized to develop a set of commonly agreed training practices and procedures for the deicing/anti- icing of aircraft on the ground reflecting current industry best practice. It shall ensure continued compliance with all relevant standards and regulatory requirements, and shall ensure that it continues to reflect current industry best practice.
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SAE International Technical Standard, Training and Qualification Program for Deicing/Anti-icing of Aircraft on the Ground, SAE Standard AS6286, Issued November 2016,
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Nov 29, 2016
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