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A V2V communication protocol to avoid Blind turn accidents and accidents happen

International Centre For Automotive Tech.-Sachin Sachin
  • Technical Paper
  • 2019-28-2444
To be published on 2019-11-21 by SAE International in United States
Nowadays the sonar system is used to avoid accidents, which is not effective in case of high-speed at blind turn situation or through side crossing in high ways. That's because vehicle position is not along the line and speed is very high so sonar will not detect danger within avoidable time limits. it seems we need to develop some fast enough system to avoid these type of accidents.

Recommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming

Vehicle E E System Diagnostic Standards Committee
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J2534_201907
  • Current
Published 2019-07-29 by SAE International in United States

This SAE Recommended Practice provides the framework to allow reprogramming software applications from all vehicle manufacturers the flexibility to work with multiple vehicle data link interface tools from multiple tool suppliers. This system enables each vehicle manufacturer to control the programming sequence for electronic control units (ECU’s) in their vehicles, but allows a single set of programming hardware and vehicle interface to be used to program modules for all vehicle manufacturers.


Communication Transceivers Qualification Requirements - CAN

Vehicle Architecture For Data Communications Standards
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J2962/2_201907
  • Current
Published 2019-07-18 by SAE International in United States

This document covers the requirements for transceiver qualification. Requirements stated in this document will provide a minimum standard level of performance for the CAN transceiver in the IC to which all compatible transceivers shall be designed. No other features in the IC are tested or qualified as part of this recommended practice. This will assure robust serial data communication among all connected devices, regardless of supplier.


Use Cases for Communication Between Plug-in Vehicles and the Utility Grid

Hybrid - EV Committee
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J2836/1_201907
  • Current
Published 2019-07-15 by SAE International in United States

This SAE Information Report establishes Use Cases for communication between plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and the electric power grid, for energy transfer and other applications.


Using Data-Centric Connectivity to Drive Innovation in Medical Imaging

  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-34798
Published 2019-07-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

Today's imaging systems save lives by making the unseen visible to a degree never before possible. Medical professionals can now view systems within the human body in high resolution, enabling them to diagnose pathological changes while precisely targeting therapeutic procedures. From the operating room to telemedicine, these imaging technologies play a key role in the future of medical diagnostics and therapeutics.


Comparison of GATS Messages to SAE ATIS Standards

V2X Core Technical Committee
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J2539_201906
  • Current
Published 2019-06-11 by SAE International in United States

This SAE Information Report provides a comparative summary between the various messages found in the SAE ATIS standards work (notably SAE J2313, J2353, J2354, J2369 and J2374) and that found in the GATS standard (Global Automotive Telematics Standard). GATS is a message set meant to be deployed on mobile phone systems based on the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) phone system which is being deployed in European markets and which the SAE may need to harmonize with as part of the World Standards activities of TC204. This document provides an overview of the various types of supported messages and how they compare with US terms and messages. Some selected features of the GATS work are recommended for assimilation into the next revision of ATIS standards. No attempt at determining a U.S. policy in this regard is provided. This document seeks to provide the reader familiar with SAE ATIS with a high level overview of technical knowledge of the GATS approach in similar areas.


Messages for Handling Strings and Look-up Tables in ATIS Standards

V2X Core Technical Committee
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J2540_201906
  • Current
Published 2019-06-11 by SAE International in United States

This SAE Standard defines methods and messages to efficiently translate sequences of text and other types of data into and out of indexed values and look-up tables for effective transmission.


RDS Phrase Lists

V2X Core Technical Committee
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J2540/1_201906
  • Current
Published 2019-06-11 by SAE International in United States

This SAE Standard provides a table of textual messages meeting the requirements for expressing "Radio Data Systems" (RDS) phrases commonly used in the ITS industry. They can be used both over the RDS subcarrier transmission media as part of a 37-bit long "Group 8a message" as well as being used to provide a common content list of phrases used in a wide number of other media and applications.


Vulnerability of FlexRay and Countermeasures

SAE International Journal of Transportation Cybersecurity and Privacy

Panasonic Corporation, Japan-Takeshi Kishikawa, Ryo Hirano, Yoshihiro Ujiie, Tomoyuki Haga, Hideki Matsushima, Kazuya Fujimura, Jun Anzai
  • Journal Article
  • 11-02-01-0002
Published 2019-05-23 by SAE International in United States
The importance of in-vehicle network security has increased with an increase in automated and connected vehicles. Hence, many attacks and countermeasures have been proposed to secure the controller area network (CAN), which is an existent in-vehicle network protocol. At the same time, new protocols-such as FlexRay and Ethernet-which are faster and more reliable than CAN have also been proposed. European OEMs have adopted FlexRay as a control network that can perform the fundamental functions of a vehicle. However, there are few studies regarding FlexRay security. In particular, studies on attacks against FlexRay are limited to theoretical studies or simulation-based experiments. Hence, the vulnerability of FlexRay is unclear. Understanding this vulnerability is necessary for the application of countermeasures and improving the security of future vehicles. In this article, we highlight the vulnerability of FlexRay found in the experiments conducted on a real FlexRay network. Consequently, we clarify the conditions under which attackers masquerade as legitimate electronic control units (ECUs) and transmit spoofed FlexRay frames. We also confirm that a consumer vehicle’s functions such as steering, braking,…

TP2.0 Vehicle Diagnostic Protocol

Vehicle E E System Diagnostic Standards Committee
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J2819_201905
  • Current
Published 2019-05-20 by SAE International in United States

This Technical Information Report defines the diagnostic communication protocol TP2.0. This document should be used in conjunction with SAE J2534-2 in order to fully implement the communication protocol in an SAE J2534 interface.