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Medithi, Naveen
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Develop the Methodology Using DOE Approach to Improve Steering Return Ability of a Vehicle through Virtual Simulation

Mahindra & Mahindra, Ltd.-Nitin Kumar Khanna, Baskar Anthonysamy, Naveen Medithi, Karthik Senthi
Published 2019-10-11 by SAE International in United States
In driving, Steering is the input motion to the vehicle. The driver uses steering input to change the direction of the vehicle. During Parking or U turn bends the Steering is locked and later released to follow the desired path. Steering return ability is defined as the ratio of difference between steering wheel position at lock condition and steering wheel angle after 3 seconds of release to the steering wheel angle at lock condition. Having proper steering return ability characteristics has an important effect on vehicle steering characteristics. In this study, a full vehicle ADAMS model is prepared, and virtual steering return ability have been simulated in ADAMS/CAR for a Pickup truck vehicle. Simulated responses in the steering wheel angle have been validated by comparison with measurements. A Design of Experiment study is setup and Iterations are carried out to find the effect of Hard points and friction parameters. The effect of different parameters in terms of their importance is plotted and discussed. The objective is to establish the methodology to predict correct steering return…
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Identification and Resolution of Vehicle Pull and Steering Wobble Using Virtual Simulation and Testing

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.-Baskar Anthonysamy, Vishal Barde, Naveen Medithi, Senthil S, Balaramakrishna N
Published 2018-10-05 by SAE International in United States
A vehicle drifts due to several reasons from its intended straight path even in the case of no steering input. Vehicle pull is a condition where the driver must apply a constant correction torque to the steering wheel to maintain a straight-line course of the vehicle. This paper presents an investigation study into the characteristics of a vehicle experiencing steering drift. The aim of the work is to study vehicle stability and the causes of vehicle drift/pull during straight line to minimize vehicle pull level and hence optimize safety measures.A wobble in the steering wheel feels like the steering wheel is shaking to the left and right. This may get worse, if speed increases.This paper focuses on modelling and evaluating effects of suspension parameters, differential friction, brake drag variation, Unbalanced mass in the wheel assembly and C.G. location of the vehicle under multibody dynamic simulation environment.Asymmetry of geometry and compliance between left and right side to be causing the drift. The sensitivities of the suspension parameters are presented for each driving condition. In case of…
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