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Kulkarni, Abhijit
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Design, Synthesis and Analysis of Loader Bucket, Boom and Linkages for Amphibious Infantry Combat Vehicle

Independent Researcher-Abhijit Kulkarni
Konecranes-Akhilesh Kulkarni
Published 2019-10-11 by SAE International in United States
Currently, for various military activities such as construction of bridges, digging trenches, construction of roads and clearing the area during landslides, separate unit of bulldozer for dozing operation and loader for loading operation is required. But the need is to develop a single unit which could perform both of these operations efficiently and simultaneously. The paper discusses about the development of dozer bucket mechanism as a single unit to perform dozing and loading operation and connected to the amphibious infantry combat vehicle. To develop the dozer bucket mechanism synthesis of mechanism (Linkages and Boom) has carried out and care has taken to fulfill the above stated functional requirement and satisfy the geometrical constraints. The synthesis of mechanism is done with the help of ‘CATIA’ software packages. The force calculation on various joints at the different position of mechanism has evaluated with the help of ’ADAMS’ software. The finite element analysis has done using software ’ANSYS’. The developed mechanism combines the dozing and loading operation and connected to the tracked vehicle.
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Multiscale Modeling Approach for Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic Couplings

SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing

Eaton Corp.-Mark Pratley
Eaton Technologies Pvt, Ltd.-Atish Gawale, Abhijit Kulkarni
  • Journal Article
  • 2017-26-0243
Published 2017-01-10 by SAE International in United States
The demand for injection molded reinforced plastic products used in the automotive industry is growing due to the capability of the material for volume production, high strength to weight ratio, and its flexibility of geometry design. On the other hand, the application of fiber filled plastic composites has been challenging and subject of research during past decades due to the inability to accurately predict the mechanical strength and stiffness behavior owing to its anisotropic characteristics. This paper discusses a numerical simulation based technique using multiscale (2 scale Micro-Macro) modeling approach for short fiber reinforced plastic composites. Fiber orientation tensors and knit lines are predicted in microscale analysis using Autodesk Inc.’s Moldflow® software, and structural analysis is performed considering the homogenized structure in macroscale analysis using ANSYS® software tool. This approach accurately captures the stiffness and stress behavior of reinforced plastic materials. Further, a case study is discussed with application of developed approach on reinforced plastic supercharger couplings which are used to connect two coaxial shafts for torque transfer. It is observed that critical locations in…
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