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Ferrer, Adria
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Senior Drivers, Bicyclists and Pedestrian Behavior Related with Traffic Accidents and Injuries

  • Applus + Idiada Spain-Alba Fornells, Núria Parera, Adria Ferrer
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles-Anita Fiorentino
Published 2017-03-28 by SAE International in United States
While accident data show a decreasing number of fatalities and serious injuries on European Union (EU) roads, recent data from ERSO (European Road Safety Observatory) show an increasing proportion of elderly in the fatality statistics. Due to the continuous increase of life expectancy in Europe and other highly-developed countries, the elderly make up a higher number of drivers and other road users such as bicyclists and pedestrians whose mobility needs and habits have been changing over recent years. Moreover, due to their greater vulnerability, the elderly are more likely to be seriously injured in any given accident than younger people. With the goal of improving the safety mobility of the elderly, the SENIORS Project, funded by the European Commission, is investigating and assessing the injury reduction that can be achieved through innovative tools and safety systems. The first step was to develop the required understanding of accident scenarios, injury mechanisms and risks and to implement these findings in the test tool and test assessment procedures. To this end, accident databases were studied and compared regarding the more critical accident scenarios involving the elderly and their injuries as well as their behavior and the transport modes that represent higher risk. This paper presents a novel statistical study of the accident database in Spain and provides an overview of the main accident situations involving elderly drivers, bicyclists or pedestrians as well as the most typical causes of injury and its severity. Moreover, the in-depth analysis of scenarios, actions and law violations carried out makes it possible to identify the travelling behavior of the elderly. Differences between ages and gender were also identified. The conclusions match with general beliefs and with literature information. Finally a general comparison with results from other countries was done.

Load Cell Wall Analysis in Oblique Tests

  • Applus + Idiada Spain-Adria Ferrer, Eduard Infantes
Published 2015-04-14 by SAE International in United States
The introduction of the new NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) oblique test configuration presents a new and critical load case that manufacturers are on the way to solving. Towards providing the best tools for passive safety development, this paper presents the work carried out to enable the analysis of the loads transmitted to the barrier in this kind of test. These data enable the identification of the elements of the vehicle that take part in the absorption of energy during the crash and are a valuable tool to improving the safety of vehicles by comparing the loads transmitted to the barrier in oblique tests.

Comparative Study between the WorldSID and the EuroSID II in Static Impact Tests

  • Applus Idiada-Maria de Odriozola, Ignacio Lázaro, Adria Ferrer
Published 2015-01-14 by SAE International in United States
For many years, all Side Impact Crash Test studies have been put into practice considering the results achieved from the EuroSID II dummy. The introduction of the WorldSID to the crash test world has become a milestone not only for vehicle manufacturers but also for crash test laboratories. Because of this, it is necessary to study the differences between the EuroSID II and the new dummy to be used from now on in Euro NCAP Side Impact Tests, the WorldSID.

Vehicle Guiding System through Image Processing in Crash and Misuse Tests

  • Applus Idiada-Eloi Boix, Adria Ferrer, Xavier Sellart, Sandra Fernandez
Published 2015-01-14 by SAE International in United States
The increasing variety of test configurations and requirements has leaded to carry out activities of greater complexity. These advanced crash tests usually involve vehicle trajectories which are not straight and cannot be performed with the usual testing system.

Assessment Methodologies for Forward Looking Integrated Pedestrian Systems and Further Extension to Cyclist Safety: Experimental and Virtual Testing for Pedestrian Protection

  • Applus Idiada-Adria Ferrer
  • Autoliv Inc-Rikard Fredriksson
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Published 2015-01-14 by SAE International in United States
Pedestrians and cyclists are the most unprotected road users and their injury risk in case of accidents is significantly higher than for other road users. The understanding of the influence and sensitivity between important variables describing a pedestrian crash is key for the development of more efficient and reliable safety systems. This paper reflects the related work carried out within the AsPeCSS project. The results summarized out of virtual and physical tests provide valuable information for further development.

Tackling Three Critical Issues of Transportation: Environment, Safety and Congestion Via Semi-autonomous Platooning

  • Applus Idiada-Arturo Davila, Adria Ferrer
Published 2014-03-24 by SAE International in United States
In recent years, platooning emerged as a realistic configuration for semi-autonomous driving. In the SARTRE project, simulation and physical tests were performed to validate the platooning system not only in testing facilities but also in conventional highways.

Legal and Consumer Requirements in ASEAN Countries

  • Applus IDIADA-Adria Ferrer, Carlos Garcia Gutierrez
Published 2014-03-24 by SAE International in United States
South East Asia is one of the regions with highest traffic-related fatality rates worldwide −18.5 fatalities per 100.000 inhabitants-. In response to that, governments of ASEAN countries are currently introducing new regulations, which will help to improve the road safety standards in the region. This paper reviews new safety regulations in force of following ASEAN countries: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Reconstruction Tests Design to Support the Correlation of Real Injuries with Dummy Readings

  • Fiat-Anita Fiorentino
  • IDIADA-Alejandro Longton, Adria Ferrer
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Published 2012-10-02 by SAE International in United States
From the many sub-tasks of the four study areas of the EC CASPER project, this paper presents the following point: