Mobility Engineering: December 2014



  • Oil debris monitoring in aero engines
    In a gas turbine engine, small particles or "chips" are generated at the point of wear, serving as an advanced warning that catastrophic failure will occur if the wear is not addressed. Health monitoring systems, such as oil debris monitoring, are used to find these small particles so that the wear can be resolved before it's too late.
  • Indigenous powertrain development
    Customer needs and expectations on drivability, fuel economy, and safety has pushed Indian and multinational OEMs to think about the development of powertrains and gearboxes for local needs with global standards.
  • The next wave of crash simulation
    As computing speed has improved and software itself has made significant speed and performance gains with each release, modeling tools are now quick enough to build high-quality, large, high-detail vehicle models in a very efficient manner.
  • Screens, cameras provide new look in cab provide new look in cabs
    Video inputs are another option showing up on displays that increasingly offer touch control.
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