Virtual Testing for High Lift Systems



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Improving the verification and certification process of the high lift system by introduction of virtual testing is one of the approaches to counter the challenges related to testing of future aircraft, in terms of performing more tests of more complex systems in less time. The quality of the applied modelling methods itself and the guarantee of a completely traceable simulation lifecycle management along the aircraft development are essential.
The presentation shows how existing processes for the management of all test related data have to be extended to cover the specifics of using multi body simulation models for virtual tests related to high lift failure cases. Based on a demonstrator, MSC Software GmbH and Airbus developed and are still refining the SimManager based “High Lift System Virtual Test Portal”.
This portal has to fulfil on the one side global requirements like data management, data traceability and workflow management. On the other hand, also specific requirements coming from the high lift test department have to be fulfilled. The major requirements are connection to an existing test management system (TMS), starting the execution of test procedures within MSC ADAMS, evaluation of simulation results (e.g. extraction of key results) and feedback of relevant data to the TMS.
Recent and ongoing enhancements are e.g. the possibility of execution of multiple simulation runs to create data for investigation of parameter dependencies or DOE. Furthermore the portal is enlarged by functionalities tracking besides virtual test execution also the creation process of the corresponding simulation models.
The presentation will give an overview of the virtual test integration and customization within the high lift test environment.
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Ulmer, T., "Virtual Testing for High Lift Systems," SAE Technical Paper 2011-01-2754, 2011,
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Oct 18, 2011
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