Validation of ADAMS® Models of Two USMC Heavy Logistic Vehicle Design Variants



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ADAMS® models of two proposed designs for the USMC Logistic Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR), have been fully validated against test track data for both durability and handling events. The LVSR vehicles are 45-ton, straight-frame, 10×10 trucks with four-axle steering. One candidate design uses fully independent spring-shock suspensions on all ten wheels. The second design used a combination of trailing arm and walking-beam air suspensions on the rear three axles.
Response data were acquired for the two prototype vehicles over the Perryman III, ISO double lane change and 12-inch half-round courses at various speeds up to maximum vehicle/driver capability. The ADAMS models of these vehicles were carefully constructed using a combination of manufacturer-supplied and measured data. They were instrumented analogously to the test vehicles and simulated over the same courses using automatic speed and steering controllers. Example results are shown for both vehicles over a representative sample of events.
Correlation of the ADAMS models to the test data is very good overall, including power train, wheel travels and seat and frame accelerations. Especially notable is the use of a new combination handling/durability tire model which was able to capture even the extreme response to the half-round event, which includes both multiple tire hops and compression up to 75% of tire height. The models can now be used for both absolute and comparative performance analysis of the competing design concepts.
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Elliott, A., and Wheeler, G., "Validation of ADAMS® Models of Two USMC Heavy Logistic Vehicle Design Variants," SAE Technical Paper 2001-01-2734, 2001,
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Nov 12, 2001
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