Using Digital Image Correlation to Measure Dynamics of Rolling Tires



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Vehicles are in contact with the road surface through tires, and the interaction at the tire-road interface is usually the major source of vibrations that is experienced by the passengers in the vehicle. Thus, it is critical to measure the vibrational characteristics of the tires in order to improve the safety and comfort of the passengers and also to make the vehicle quieter. The measurement results can also be used to validate numerical models. In this paper, Digital Image Correlation (DIC) as a non-contact technique is used to measure the dynamics of a racing tire in static and rolling conditions. The Kettering University FSAE car is placed on the dynamometer machine for this experiment. A pair of high-speed cameras is used to capture high-resolution images of the tire in a close-up view. The images are processed using DIC to obtain strain and displacement of the sidewall of the tire during rolling. The experiment is performed for various testing speeds. The results show the variation of displacement and strain during the rolling condition. The results also indicate the resonant frequencies and operational deflection shapes of the tire sidewall at different speeds. This paper demonstrates that DIC technique can be effectively used to obtain full-field dynamics of tires in testing machines.
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Mange, A., baqersad, J., Srivastava, V., and More, J., "Using Digital Image Correlation to Measure Dynamics of Rolling Tires," SAE Technical Paper 2018-01-1217, 2018,
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Apr 3, 2018
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