Thermal Improvement of Integrated Electromagnetic and Friction Braking System of Trailers



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In order to improve the driving safety, an integrated brake system of trailers is proposed, which can solve the problems of insufficient braking force and poor stability when braking. This system realizes the integration of the main braking system and the auxiliary braking system of articulated vehicles, thus avoiding the phenomenon of "folding" and "rollover" during braking. The integrated brake system developed in this paper is mainly composed of friction braking system and electromagnetic braking system. First, the design scheme for the integrated brake system was illustrated based on the system’s working principle and structures. After that, the mathematical model of electromagnetic braking system was derived based on electromagnetic theory. Then, the electromagnetic braking system was simulated by CAE technology, while the magnetic density distribution and braking torque value were studied. Moreover, the temperature rises of brake disc caused by electromagnetic braking was analyzed and calculated by finite element method (FEM). Considering the shared brake disc of integrated brake system, its temperature will rise too high under electromagnetic braking and friction braking. To handle the disadvantage above, the paper also optimized the structure of wheel hub based on CFD numerical simulation to realize the forced heat dissipation of brake disc. Simulation results show that the designed integrated brake system can not only provide effective auxiliary braking torque but also increase the air flow inside the wheel, and enhance the heat dissipation performance of the brake disc, further strengthening the driving safety and braking stability of trailers.
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He, R., "Thermal Improvement of Integrated Electromagnetic and Friction Braking System of Trailers," SAE Technical Paper 2021-01-0341, 2021,
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Apr 6, 2021
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