Surface Properties of Shot-Peened and Plasma Sprayed Powder-Coated Alpha-Beta Titanium Alloy Implants



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The paramount importance of titanium alloy in implant materials stems from its exceptional qualities, yet the optimization of bone integration and mitigation of wear and corrosion necessitate advanced technologies. Consequently, there has been a surge in research efforts focusing on surface modification of biomaterials to meet these challenges. This project is dedicated to enhancing the surface of titanium alloys by employing shot peening and powder coatings of titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Comparative analyses were meticulously conducted on the mechanical and wear properties of both treated and untreated specimens, ensuring uniformity in pressure, distance, and time parameters across all experiments. The outcomes underscore the efficacy of both methods in modifying the surface of the titanium alloy, leading to substantial alterations in surface properties. Notably, the treated alloy exhibited an impressive nearly 12% increase in surface hardness compared to its untreated counterpart. Moreover, the study elucidated significant reductions in the coefficient of friction for the treated specimens—both shot-peened (0.11) and powder-coated (0.12)—in contrast to the untreated specimen with a maximum coefficient of friction of 0.15. These findings highlight the potential of shot peening and coating techniques to enhance the tribological properties of titanium alloys, crucial for implant applications. The investigation delves into elucidating the likely mechanisms underlying the surface attribute development facilitated by shot peening and coating processes. By emphasizing their transformative impact on the properties of titanium alloy, the study sheds light on avenues for improving implant materials, thus advancing the field of biomaterials and contributing to enhanced patient outcomes in medical implantation procedures.
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Balasubramanian, K., Bragadeesvaran, S., Raja, R., and Jannet, S., "Surface Properties of Shot-Peened and Plasma Sprayed Powder-Coated Alpha-Beta Titanium Alloy Implants," SAE Technical Paper 2024-01-5060, 2024,
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