Subcompact Sport Vehicle Development



International Mobility Technology Conference and Exhibit
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Considering that the sport cars versions are normally derived from medium car segment, the big challenge in this program was to transform one subcompact in a real sport car. With the focus at the consumer that looks for performance and enjoys sporty driving in conjunction with project financials and competition data the preliminary content was established together with all involved areas, Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing and Quality. Based on the items that indicate high performance, the items considered mandatory or desired by the customer and items detected by Quality research including internal indicators and external indicators, ICCD (Intensified Customer Concern Definition) and TGW (Things Going Wrong), the content was developed in three main directions towards Customer Satisfaction, I) Characterize the vehicle as a high performance car, a pure sport car with outstanding performance for power train, suspensions and brakes mainly. II) Identify the items considered mandatory by the customer for a sport car, for example. Alloy wheels, low profile tires, spoiler and rocker panel cladding, etc. III) Incorporate Quality and Durability improvements at modified or new systems. As part of the actions included at content the project objectives were established for Performance, Fuel Economy, Noise/Vibration/Harshness, Brakes, etc. These atributes was considered strategic for this product, a real sport car. With content preliminarily defined and the project strategy defined the development started with a timing plan defined with progressive phases until Job#1. The development phases consist in the verification and confirmation of product attributes with attribute and confirmation prototypes with durability and certification tests, resulting at engineering signoff and subsequent phases at production, with the 1st production prove out, and first field evaluation units and consequent production acceleration curve and the start of production.
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Ventura, V., and Pereira, A., "Subcompact Sport Vehicle Development," SAE Technical Paper 2001-01-3817, 2001,
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Mar 5, 2001
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