Steering Maneuver with Furrow-Tripped Rollovers of a Pickup and Passenger Car



SAE 2015 World Congress & Exhibition
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Extensive testing has been conducted to evaluate both the dynamic response of vehicle structures and occupant protection systems in rollover collisions though the use of Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs). Rollover test methods that utilize a fixture to initiate the rollover event include the SAE2114 dolly, inverted drop tests, accelerating vehicle body buck on a decelerating sled, ramp-induced rollovers, and Controlled Rollover Impact System (CRIS) Tests. More recently, programmable steering controllers have been used with sedans, vans, pickup trucks, and SUVs to induce a rollover, primarily for studying the vehicle kinematics for accident reconstruction applications.
The goal of this study was to create a prototypical rollover crash test for the study of vehicle dynamics and occupant injury risk where the rollover is initiated by a steering input over realistic terrain without the constraints of previously used test methods. The two rollovers presented involve a crew-cab pickup and a mid-sized sedan. This testing is an extension of previously published steer-induced rollover research that incorporates instrumented ATDs and one vehicle (pickup) that was equipped with rollover-initiated pretensioners and rollover side-curtain airbags. The test vehicles were steered off a paved roadway and onto a soil test surface, followed by a rapid steering reversal that resulted in a counter-clockwise yaw followed by a furrowed trip rollover. The ATDs were belted in the front outboard seating positions. The vehicle and occupant kinematics were documented with a full complement of instrumentation and video coverage. This paper presents the test method, as well as the vehicle kinematics during the yaw and rollover phase, including an analysis and discussion of the velocities and accelerations, roof deformation, and energy dissipation of the vehicles.
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Larson, R., Croteau, J., Bare, C., Zolock, J. et al., "Steering Maneuver with Furrow-Tripped Rollovers of a Pickup and Passenger Car," SAE Technical Paper 2015-01-1477, 2015,
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Apr 14, 2015
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