The Shock Absorber of Energy Recovery Using Electrorheological Fluid



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When vehicle traveling on the bumpy road or vehicle acceleration and deceleration, which will cause the body vibration of vehicle, at the same time, a large part of energy would be absorbed by the shock absorber transforms the mechanical energy into heat energy dissipated. In order to recycle the energy of vibration and keep the stability of running car, this paper provides the shock absorber of energy recovery that recycling the energy dissipated from the traditional absorber.
The shock absorber includes rod and rodless chamber cavity, the two parts contain oil outlet and oil inlet, which connected to a bridge type loop of hydraulic to make pulsating oil pressure towards one direction, when the shock absorber vibration causes pulsating oil pressure, it drives hydraulic pump operation. Because the output shaft of the hydraulic pump fixedly attached to the input shaft of generator, so the generator produces electricity for recycling energy[1].
According to the simulation and test bench indicates that this system can make use of the energy of automotive vibration. On the one hand, it overcomes fit clearance caused by the mechanical energy regenerative shock absorber in the period of high-frequency response. On the other hand, it achieves the active control of vehicle suspension system which proves the feasibility of this system[2] [3].
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Wang, J., Guo, X., and su, y., "The Shock Absorber of Energy Recovery Using Electrorheological Fluid," SAE Technical Paper 2012-01-0981, 2012,
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Apr 16, 2012
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