SAE's Green Technology Systems Group: Focus on Environmental Sustainability for the Automotive Industry



SAE 2011 World Congress & Exhibition
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The environmental issues confronting the automotive industry are legion at a time when the industry has not been in the best position to respond. Concerns have been raised that the industry needs to be producing “green mobility products” without definition, specificity, or expression of customer need. Business infrastructure and the regulatory landscapes are uncertain, but likely to be restrictive for the automotive sector, especially with regard to the environment and green issues. Actions the automotive industry could consider include: develop a common dictionary of terms related to “green mobility products”; address the issues affecting the industry before regulations are imposed; make the Mobility Sector part of the solution; focus on being environmentally responsive, cost-saving, and time-sensitive; and assure that the Mobility Sector is recognized as a leader for new, green technology.
Following an SAE workshop that addressed these issues and was supported by the State of Michigan and the Michigan Green Chemistry Roundtable, SAE's Motor Vehicle Council established the Green Technology Systems Group (GTSG) to serve as a guiding body for consensus standards development for environmental sustainability issues in the automotive sector.
GTSG has reviewed existing standards and begun to explore new standards that need to be created for the automotive industry. Four Task Forces have been established:
  • Vehicle Materials, focusing on biobased materials;
  • Implementing Principles for Green Chemistry and Engineering;
  • Automotive Green Technology Case Studies; and
  • Terminology and Definitions for Automotive Green Technologies.
Collaboration with other SAE Committees has been initiated so as to leverage expertise and knowledge. A report on the workshop that initiated these activities and a status report on current GSTG activities and projects will be presented.
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Beattie, P., Henry, C., and Bradburn, J., "SAE's Green Technology Systems Group: Focus on Environmental Sustainability for the Automotive Industry," SAE Technical Paper 2011-01-1258, 2011,
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Apr 12, 2011
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