Research on Braking Energy Recovery Strategy of Pure Electric Vehicle



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With the increasingly serious global environmental and energy problems, as well as the increasing number of vehicles, pure electric vehicles with its advantages of environmental protection, low noise and renewable energy, become an effective way to alleviate environmental pollution and energy crisis. Due to the current pure electric vehicle power battery technology is not perfect, the range of pure electric vehicle has a great limit. Through the braking energy recovery, the energy can be reused, the energy utilization rate can be improved, and the battery life of pure electric vehicles can be improved.
In this paper, a pure electric vehicle is taken as the analysis object, and the whole vehicle analysis model is built. Through the comparative analysis, based on the driver's braking intention and vehicle running state, the braking energy recovery control strategy of double fuzzy control is proposed. The fuzzy controller of braking intention based on the brake pedal opening and the change rate of brake pedal opening and the fuzzy controller based on vehicle speed and battery SOC value are designed respectively, The braking energy recovery control strategy of pure electric vehicle is formulated. Using a variety of different conditions for simulation analysis, make it closer to the real driving conditions of pure electric vehicles1.
The simulation results show that the braking energy recovery control strategy developed in this paper not only ensures the braking stability, but also performs better in terms of braking energy recovery efficiency. The braking energy recovery rate reaches 51%, and the effective energy recovery rate reaches 13%, which has a certain practical significance for improving the driving range of pure electric vehicles.
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Yang, Z., Gangfeng, T., Ling, H., Zeng, P. et al., "Research on Braking Energy Recovery Strategy of Pure Electric Vehicle," SAE Technical Paper 2021-01-1264, 2021,
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Oct 11, 2021
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