Preliminary results on emissions and driving behavior of ATENA fleet test project in Naples



2001 Internal Combustion Engines
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One of the objectives of the Atena project was the definition of methods for the predictive evaluation of the environmental impact of different types of vehicles used in an urban scenario. The target is to obtain a methodology that allows the decision maker to verify in simulation the effects of possible measures like the law enforcement to the access restrictions or vehicle fleet composition. The main obstacle is the realization and managing of real driving cycles in order to overtake the limits derived from the utilization of typical cycles (i.e., ECE + EUDC) or the simple consideration of average speed.
The starting point is a digital representation of the urban network where all the roads are represented with one or more arcs and for all these arcs are available an estimation of the traffic variables like the vehicle flow (vehicles per hour) or the average speed (kph). Every arc is described in terms of traffic parameters like the type of road (i.e., highway, district road). The results presented in this work will be a contribution for the definition of a methodology able to describe the emissions of vehicles fleets in terms of traffic and vehicle parameters.
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Borgarello, L., Fortunato, A., Gortan, L., Mina, L. et al., "Preliminary results on emissions and driving behavior of ATENA fleet test project in Naples," SAE Technical Paper 2001-24-0083, 2001,
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Sep 23, 2001
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